Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2659

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Chapter 2659

Zhan Ye coldly stared at the thirteenth sister Yuhi’s kindness and love disappeared.

“I know that when you surrendered to the Zhan family, you had a double heart. But I really didn’t expect you to be so vicious at such a young age. Zhengling’s kindness to you can’t move you at all. In my opinion, you It’s not just a white-eyed wolf, you have no heart at all.”

The thirteenth sister looked at Zhan Ye in shock, and Zhan Ye’s scolding made her understand herself more clearly.

“You hurt my dad. It was you who hurt my dad. I will take revenge on the Zhan family cruelly.” She cried.

Master Zhan said ruthlessly: “Everything pays attention to the reincarnation of cause and effect. If he didn’t take my child away, why should I hurt him? You don’t have a correct view of right and wrong, and you use strong words, and you still think you are justified?”

The thirteenth sister shook her head in despair: ” I only know that he is my father, the only family member I have in this world.”

Master Zhan roared angrily: “Open your eyes and take a good look, everyone here, who doesn’t protect you as a family member?”

Ten The third sister made inappropriate remarks, which made all the sisters feel cold.

Wushuang said: “Thirteen, what you said was unintentional, but your sincerity. It turns out that I am really blind, and I would believe that you treat us with sincerity.” The

sisters accused her angrily, “You little girl! Is it possible that you are a born bad seed?”

“A few years ago, you always caused trouble, so we should suspect that you deliberately summoned those people. But we trust you so much, as long as you act like a baby to us, you can do whatever you want. You can fool me by telling a lie. Now it seems that we are really stupid, and you are really cunning.”

“A person like you is not worthy of being a sister.”

Wushuang suddenly pulled out the dagger, and slashed fiercely at Shisanmei’s face, she said with red eyes: “When we swore oath that day, we made an oath, and those who violated the oath will cut off this kindness with pain. Today, I will break up with you.”

A centipede immediately appeared on Thirteenth Sister’s beautiful face.

Other sisters imitated Thirteen Sisters, some cut off her face, and some cut off her fingers. Soon Thirteen was dripping with blood.

When it was Derek’s turn, Derek held the dagger and said, “I didn’t intend to embarrass you, but if you walk out of this door today, you will definitely repay the pain that the sisters have put on you. Therefore, I will abolish it myself. Your martial arts.”

Derekgang raised his dagger when Lan Xi suddenly took his hand.

Lan Xi said: “Derek, the sisters are thieves in the first place, it doesn’t matter if they kill another life. But you are still the second young master of the Zhan family, and this identity is destined to be lost in the light of the future. So I will do it for you That’s fine.”

After Lan Xi finished speaking, she picked out a hamstring and a tegument of Shisan. “If that’s the case, your martial arts will be useless in the future. Even if you have a vicious mind, you won’t be able to do harm?”

Thirteenth Sister curled up on the ground in pain.

When Zheng Ling turned around and saw her appearance, her body trembled.

“Send her away.” She said excitedly.

Lord Zhan ordered Guan Xiao: “Throw her into the street, let her support herself, and experience the sufferings of the world. Just pretend that our Zhan family never saved her back then. I want her to understand that the Zhan family took her in that day. What a kindness.”

“Yes, Master Zhan.” Guan Xiao said.

Guan Xiao and a few servants put Thirteenth Sister into a sack and took her away.

Looking at the devastated Zhan family, Lord Zhan said to Jason: “Susu, it’s your turn to build the future home.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

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