Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2660

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Chapter 2660

The reconstruction of Tourmaline Manor, the theme of “Remembrance” was finalized at the end of the battle. After Derek saw the design drawing, he fell into a deep silence for a long time.

“Susu, do you think I have committed a serious crime?” He suddenly sighed.

Jason shook his head: “Derek, you don’t want to do this either. However, you should also learn a lesson, you can’t just be kind.”

Derek nodded: “I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence before, but now I do.”

Jason was startled.

After Derek left Jason’s place, he went directly to his fourth sister Han Ling.

Han Ling is now a girl of six or seven years old, because she is so tall and her soul is so mature, she doesn’t look like a child at all.

“Second brother, I heard that you are in a bad mood recently. I wanted to come to you a long time ago, but look at me like this, where can I go out?” She lightly waved her sleeves, and the furniture in the house began to swing wantonly.

Derek looked at Han Ling with pity: “Sister, don’t you like being bound here?”

Han Ling nodded, “So what if I don’t like it? I can’t go out and scare others. Daddy and Mommy don’t allow me to go out Yes .”

Derek looked at Qing Ge at the side, because Qing Ge resolved the plot of the Palace of Military Love to destroy Tourmaline Manor, Derek was very grateful to him: “Qing Ge, will you protect my sister for the rest of your life?”

Qing Ge nodded solemnly.

Derek took Han Ling’s hand and put it in Qing Ge’s. “Then I solemnly hand over my sister to you. Don’t worry, I will be able to persuade my father and mother to let you go.”

Qing Ge said: “Then I will thank you very much.”


Derek came to Master Zhan’s study. Lord Zhan looked at Derek, the child in his heart had grown into a giant tree. Zhan Ye was relieved, but also emotional: “Derek, you are not a three-year-old child now, your words and deeds should take on a big responsibility. Have you thought about your future?”

Derek sat in front of Zhan Ye and said: ” Daddy, the destruction of the Tourmaline Manor is my responsibility. Seeing so many relatives who watched me grow up go from life to death overnight, I feel too much in my heart.”

He lowered his head because of emotion Excited, his voice was a little hoarse: “I was too stupid before. The benevolence of women and kindness have no bottom line, so more people died.”

Master Zhan didn’t blame Derek, he believed that Derek had learned such a big lesson, he would rapidly grow.

Derek suddenly raised his head. There was a spark in his eyes: “Daddy, I have decided to take the sisters to where we should go.”

Master Zhan was slightly stunned: “Where are we going?”

Derek said: “We will go wherever we are needed.”

He opened his hands: “I have already carried so many innocent lives on my body. Then let me use the rest of my life to save those innocent lives and make atonement.”

Lord Zhan didn’t recover for a long time.

Derek’s choice somewhat made him hesitate.

Joining the army is undoubtedly the most suitable path for Derek. He has the talent to be an agent, and he is also gifted in martial arts. If he develops on the planned path, he will definitely be able to shine brightly.

“Derek, Daddy, and Mommy are ordinary people, we naturally hope that every child will be happy. But we also know that we give you life, so we should respect you and let you bloom brightly in your life.” Fireworks. You go, Daddy supports you. Just remember to leave a thought for your mother before you go.”

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