Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2662

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Chapter 2662

Then Jason ordered his subordinates to start a carpet search, from the tourmaline manor to the imperial capital, Derek was like a bird with wings, without a trace.

When Lord Zhan heard the news, he just sighed.

On the contrary, it was Zheng Ling, who gave up after a long search. She said to Jason: “Don’t look for it. His wings are hard now, and we can’t restrain him wherever he goes. Don’t waste manpower and material resources on him. Take good care of Tourmaline Manor. In the future, this family will have to be supported by you and Wan’er “

Jason looked into Mummy’s calm eyes, although he wondered why Mummy, who always loved her son so much, was so indifferent this time, but he just kept his doubts in his heart.

“Yes. Mommy.”

After leaving Love Moon Castle, Jason went back to his room sullenly. Wan’er came in with a cup of hot tea, and gently handed it to him. “Susu, you have been busy day and night recently, and you have to pay attention to your body.”

Jason sighed: “Faith is gone, and Derek is gone. Han Ling, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep it. This house is so hot. It’s noisy, and now I’m the least talkative person left at home.”

Wan’er held Susu’s hand and said angrily: “You are not allowed to despise yourself. So what if my Susu is not talkative, but you are kind. , responsible.”

Jason looked at Wan’er, who worshiped him, with a soft smile in his eyes. “Wan’er, thank you for being with me.”

Qiao Wan said: “Susu, don’t be sad. I will always be with you in the future. If you are afraid of being deserted, I will give birth to children. Have many, many children.”

Susu A little throbbing, “Yeah.”

Because of Derek’s departure, the sisters in the Palace of Military Intelligence have their own ideas. Maybe they came to the Zhan family because of Derek, and now that Derek left, they were like birds who had lost their backbone. They became bewildered.

Zhengling saw the fear of the sisters, she called them to her side, and told them openly: “Although Derek is gone, you are still the daughters of my Zhan family. You can stay here. Find a job you like in the future. Work, find someone you like, and Mommy will marry you off one by one in a glorious manner.” The

sisters lowered their heads, they were touched by Zhengling’s love for them. But they are also really at a loss, infinitely at a loss for the future.

“The reason why Derek left secretly, have you ever thought about the reason?” Zheng Ling continued: “That’s because he didn’t want to bring you into his precarious life, and he also wanted to give you a stable and happy life from the bottom of his heart. You brothers and sisters, I hope you can accept Derek’s kindness.” The

sisters remained silent.

Zhengling cast her eyes on Wushuang: “Shuang’er, you like Guan Xiao. Guan Xiao has been waiting for you all these years. He is no longer a high-spirited young man. Are you willing to let him wait for you when your temples are gray? Shuang’er, Ren If you meet true love in your life, then cherish this fate.”

Wu Shuang nodded with tears. “Mummy, thank you for making decisions for me. In fact, I wanted to marry him a long time ago, and his dream came true. It is not in vain for his love to protect me all these years. But I always think about my eldest sister’s last will, and she used her life to marry me. If I protect my sister well, I should give up my personal happiness and protect my sister neatly.”

Zhengling said: “Silly boy. It’s hard for you. Your eldest sister doesn’t want you to die alone.”

Zhengling nodded toward Qiao Wan, who came over with a letter in his hand.

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