Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2663

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Chapter 2663

Qiao Wan handed the letter to Wushuang: “This is entrusted to you by Miss Lanxi.”

Under the curious eyes of the sisters, Wushuang slowly opened the envelope. Inside, a specimen of a mandosaurus tumbles out.

When Wu Shuang saw it, tears welled up in his eyes.

The sisters burst into tears.

Qiao Wan said: “I don’t know what special meaning it has to you, but I think Lanxi entrusted it to you by giving it to you. I wonder if you can understand her mind?”

Wushuang cried loudly: “This is our The blood oath of the Palace of Military Emotions, when we sworn sisters, the elder sister said that although our fate in this life is beyond our control, and the deadline for life and death is not up to us to decide. But after death, we can go to the place where we drink Mengpo soup and wait for other sisters. We have to wait for reincarnation together. Be good sisters in the next life.”

Qiao Wan was moved by this beautiful oath, and she said with tears in her eyes: “So, your eldest sister can’t wait for you, she came to you. She is Miss Lanxi.” The

sisters were dumbfounded. “How is this possible?”

Qiao Wan explained: “To tell you the truth, some things in this world are really mysterious. For example, our mommy lived two lives, Derek came back to life, those dreamlike experiences, If you believe it, it is real. If you don’t believe it, it is just a dream.”

Qiao Wan said again: “Derek is gone, and Lan Xi is gone too. I think what your elder sister means is that she will protect Derek for you in the future , you just need to live your own life.” The

sisters laughed and cried.

“Eldest sister is back.”

Because of Lanxi’s letter, Wushuang finally let go of her knot. She finally confidently entrusted the fate of the sisters to themselves, and she bravely pursued her happiness.

In the garden of Love Moon Castle, Guan Xiao and Blast Wind Grass sat chatting together.

“Brother Guan Xiao, if you don’t chase after your Wushuang, what are you doing fooling around with us?” Gai Feng said.

Guan Xiao was unhappy: “I, from the moment I was born, I was doomed to be a lonely family and a widow in my old age.”

Jin Cao looked at the picture of the sisters coming around Wushuang, and said with a smile: “Guan Xiao, if Wushuang chased you, then you are Agree or disagree.”

“She’s chasing me, it’s impossible.”

“Then make a bet. If she chases after you, you have to buy our brothers a drink once a month.”

“No problem.”

Haifeng I was also stunned by Wushuang, and instantly understood Jincao’s intention.

His eyes were moist. There were four brothers. Now the younger brother Ye Feng had passed away, and the eldest brother Guan Xiao was getting married. He and Jincao are left alone. helpless.

“Brother Guan Xiao.” A gentle voice, a bit shy, suddenly reached Guan Xiao’s ears.

Guan Xiao turned his head in shock, and saw Wushuang wearing a long white dress, holding roses in his hands, with a noble bun tied up in his hair, looking at him gracefully and pleasantly.

Guan Xiao was a little flattered, and then gave Jincao a vicious look: “You’re planning on me.”

Jincao was very wronged: “After you get married, you drink with your brothers once a month, is this counting?”

Jincao and Wushuang Complaint: “Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

Wushuang held Guan Xiao’s ear: “How can it only be once? You have to drink it every week, every day, and you have to take me with you.”

Guan Xiao nodded quickly: “Yes yes yes .”

Jincao and Gaifeng laughed contentedly.

Guan Xiao and Wushuang originally wanted to simply get a certificate and treat their brothers and sisters to dinner, so they just let the wedding go by.

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