Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2664

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Chapter 2664

But after Zheng Ling learned of Guan Xiao and Wu Shuang’s happy event, he insisted on holding a lively wedding for them.

Zhengling and Master Zhan called Guan Xiao Wushuang to him, Zhengling said with emotion: “Wushuang, I have always regarded you as my own daughter, and now that you are going to get married, I will marry you as a daughter.”

Zhengling Passed a pair of jewelry, a bank card, and a key to Wushuang, “Wushuang, although Faith, Faith’s wedding was not a big deal. Mom doesn’t know how other people marry their daughters. I just thought You are a girl, if you have your own house, you will have a sense of security. If you have your own car, you will have freedom. If you have your own jewelry, you will have the leisure to love beauty.”

Wushuang cried with tears streaming down her face: “Mommy, thank you You.”

Zhengling hugged Wushuang, patted her on the back and said, “Don’t cry, I will come back often in the future.”


After Zhengling finished speaking, Master Zhan looked at Guan Xiao again. “Although your wife’s dowry is quite generous. But you are a man, and you were raised by Jacob. You can’t embarrass me about the wedding. If the woman has a luxury car and a house, you have to have it too.”

Jacob also threw the key to Guan Xiao.

Guan Xiao was dumbfounded: “Master Zhan, Wushuang and I will not divorce, nor will we be separated. Why are you preparing two houses for me?”

Jacob looked at him: “This is for your separation? This is I gave it to your son? Hurry up and get married and have a baby.”

Guan Xiao and Wushuang suddenly felt a lot of pressure.

A few days later, Guan Xiao and Wu Shuang’s wedding was held with great excitement.

Jason and Qiao Wan are the best man and bridesmaid, this golden boy and jade girl also received blessings from many people. Someone even directly asked Jason: “Susu, when are you going to marry Qiao Wan?”

Qiao Wan looked shy.

Jason looked at Qiao Wan, but turned to his father. Seeing Master Zhan’s sullen face, Jason said: “First establish a career and then start a family.”

Zhengling glared fiercely at Master Zhan, and Master Zhan calmed down, and said, “As long as you don’t indulge in love between men and women and know how to control yourself , You can actually get married earlier.”

Jason smiled and said, “Yes.”

At this time Qing Ge also came to bless the couple with his gift, Guan Xiao teased Qing Ge: “Qing Ge, be nice to my sister Han Ling.”

After delivering the gifts, Qing Ge walked up to Lord Zhan, knelt down in front of Lord Zhan with a plop, and sincerely begged: “Master Zhan, Qing Ge wants to take Han Ling away, so please make it possible for Lord Zhan.”

Lord Zhan looked displeased.

“Qing Ge, although you are kind to my Tourmaline Manor, my daughter is a priceless treasure. The reward you asked for is beyond my ability to bear. You should ask for something else?”

Qing Ge said: “I hope Lord Zhan will fulfill you.

” Grandpa doesn’t speak.

Zheng Ling sighed, she pushed Master Zhan, and said: “If there is no Qing Ge, there will be no our Tourmaline Manor. The grace of saving life should be repaid by the spring. Besides, Qing Ge’s ability is obvious to all, Han Ling Follow him, I think Qing Ge will definitely protect her?”

Master Zhan snorted, “I don’t agree.”

Qing Ge’s eyelashes drooped.

the next day.

Qing Ge and Han Ling evaporated in Tourmaline Manor. Han Ling left only a letter from home, a few letters from home: “Daddy, Mommy, daughter and Qing Ge are far away, don’t read it. It’s time to return in ten years.”

Master Zhan was furious: “Why raise this daughter? I just left with other men so easily.”

Zhengling echoed, “Yeah, it’s really useless to raise a daughter. You said that I was Grace back then, why didn’t I go back to Yan’s house to meet my parents? Came here to marry you all at once?”

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