Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2666

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Chapter 2666

Zhengling said: “Although Susu is small, Wan’er is not young. Wan’er has been waiting for Susu for so many years, and it is time to give Wan’er an explanation.”

Master Zhan Then fell silent. It’s just that his face is still ugly.

Seeing this, Wan’er hurriedly said: “Daddy, Mommy, there’s no rush for Susu and I’s wedding. Susu first establishes a career and then has a family,” Zhan Ye’s

expression eased.

Jason stood up and said to Master Zhan: “Daddy, I want to marry

Wan’er.” Master Zhan squinted at him, “Why?” Zhan Su

said: “I love her.”

Su, not only his personality is like him, but even his attitude towards love is very similar to him.

Recalling his tenacity in chasing Zheng Ling when he was young, Master Zhan knew that he could not stop Jason.

If it is forcibly stopped, it will affect the relationship between father and son.

Master Zhan said: “Since you are going to hold this wedding, you can handle the wedding process according to your needs. I only pay for the wedding expenses.”

Jason smiled openly.

Wan’er was also overjoyed.

Zheng Ling felt that Master Zhan was indifferent, and glared at him viciously. That look clearly condemned him, did he just want to be a cheap in-law?

Master Zhan added: “I will pay for the expenses. You can take as much as you want. There is no upper limit.”

Wan’er heard the words, and her eyes overflowed with emotion.

Due to the strong insistence of Jason and other ghost brothers in the family, the wedding was finally decided to be held with great vigor and excitement. In addition to considering an explanation to Wan’er, Jason’s status as the heir of Huanya is also considered.

His wedding involves consideration of many commercial factors.

On the eve of the wedding, Lord Zhan called the ghost to himself, and deliberately told him: “Our Tourmaline Manor is not as good as before, so many enemies will make trouble at the hurdle of Susu’s wedding. Tomorrow will definitely not be peaceful. Just keep an eye on it. Come on, don’t let anyone ruin Susu’s wedding.”


Standing behind the door, Zheng Ling woke up when he heard what Zhan Ye said. It’s not that Lord Zhan doesn’t support Su Suwan’er getting married as soon as possible. It was because they were afraid that something would happen to their wedding.

Yes, today’s Tourmaline Manor is not as good as before.

Why didn’t she consider this.

That night, Lord Zhan never returned to his bedroom. Zhengling couldn’t fall asleep, so he also got up and walked around.

The bright lights illuminate Tourmaline Manor as bright as day.

But Nuo Da’s manor, even if guests will be invited tomorrow, it looks very deserted today.

Thinking of the prosperity in the past, Zhengling sighed in his heart.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed past, and a white light flashed across Zhengling’s face.

It was the light like the cold blade of a dagger.

Zheng Ling’s cold hair stood on end.

She stopped where she was.

At this moment, she saw a figure slowly standing up from the bushes.

She took a closer look and saw that it was a stranger. This person’s face was hideous and terrifying.

Zheng Ling clenched her fists tightly, but after experiencing so many blows, she already had some somatic symptoms, and she lacked strength.

Zhengling retreated, trying to run, but found that the way was also blocked behind her.

“Who are you?”

“Ma’am, if there is a way to heaven, if you don’t go to hell, you will go to hell.” Several people approached her.

Zhengling tentatively asked: “Are you sent by Thirteen?” The

other party sneered: “What Thirteen?”

“It’s not from the Palace of Military Intelligence. Then it’s from the Bai family?”

Those people were a little panicked when they heard this.

“It seems that I guessed it right.”

Those people showed cruel expressions: “Madam, your death date has come. Send it to death.”

The man suddenly took out a pistol and pointed it at Zhengling.

Seeing the cruel look in his eyes, Zhengling knew that the other party was determined to take her life.

She closed her eyes in despair.

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