Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 2667

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Chapter 2667

“Madam, do you have any last words before you die?”

Zhengling thought for a while and said, “I, I used to wish my family members to be safe and my children to be healthy. Now, I wish for the revitalization of national enterprises that my children wish for, Faith’s wish for the world to be free from pain, and Derek’s wish for the revival of national enterprises. There is no separation between families, and everything can be realized.”

The man was stunned, and the gun in his hand was slightly tilted.

“Ma’am, you rich people live a life of luxury and carefree, how can you understand the pain of us ordinary people? What you said just now is just lying to me.”

Zhengling said: “I’m going to die, I’ll let you do it What? Although I am from a wealthy family, I am also a mother. I love my children and will not be less than other parents because of being rich. My children, I gave to society, not because of my glory and Wealthy, but because I keep them by my side to enjoy the blessings of their ancestors because I know that their careers are noble. Mother’s love should not stop them, but I can only secretly bless them.”

“Ma’am, finish your speech. I’m very sorry, although I admire you very much, you can’t help yourself in the world. You should go on the road.” The

man pulled the trigger, but at that moment, his gun was opened by another gun.

Zhengling looked in the direction of the gun in astonishment but saw a heroic man standing impressively in the sky and the earth.

Zheng Ling burst into tears.

The men fled in rout.

Wearing a military uniform, Derek walked toward Zheng Ling in a heroic manner.

“Mum, I’m sorry. My son made you worry.”

Zheng Ling stroked the row of military medals on his shoulder, tears streaming down his face.

“After all, you are still on the road of defending your family and country.”

Derek said gratefully, “Knowledge is better than mother. Mommy, haven’t you already guessed my whereabouts?”

Zhengling said: “You have dreamed of being a soldier since you were a child. Mommy knows that sooner or later you have to go this way.”

Mother and son exchanged pleasantries, but only a few words.

Lan Xi came out suddenly, and she gave a military salute to Derek: “Chief, we should leave.”

Derek looked at Zhengling with nostalgia, and Zhengling’s tears poured out uncontrollably. She waved to Derek weakly: “Let’s go. Mommy understands you.”

Derek gave a military salute to Zheng Ling, then turned around and decided to leave.

Zhengling looked at Derek’s back, he was no longer that noble young master who shed tears easily, he had finally grown into a resolute soldier.

Zheng Ling felt extremely sad.

When Zhengling returned to the wedding scene, she had recovered her smile. She was invited to the stage when Qiao Wan and Jason knelt down to serve her tea, Zheng Ling looked into the distance.

She thought of Derek and Lan Xi, Faith and Ye Feng…

She was thinking in her heart that today was the day to fulfill their wedding dream for the three children.

Jacob solemnly instructed Jason: “Jason, from today onwards, you will be a man with a family and an indomitable spirit. From then on, you will bear the future of the Huayna Empire on your shoulders. You will be responsible for the development of our Zhan family entity enterprise. Daddy wants you to pass on the past and carry it on to the future.”

“Yes, Daddy.” When the

wedding was going on, a beggar suddenly broke in.

Shouting loudly: “Who is Jason?” The

bodyguard wanted to throw him out, but Jason felt that it was not appropriate to cause trouble on such a happy day.

“Bring the old man in.” After the

old man came in, he handed Jason a brocade box, “This is a gift entrusted to you by the genius doctor.”


Su Su happily opened the gift box, but the gift box suddenly exploded. Open it, and the pills explode inside.

The old man said: “The genius doctor said that these pills can ensure that your child will grow up solidly.”

Qiao Wan heard this and stroked her belly shyly.

After the wedding, Zheng Ling was very happy to share her feelings with Master Zhan.

“Derek, Faith sent blessings to Su Su today. I know they are safe, so I feel relieved.”

“Now, I just don’t know what’s going on with Han Ling?”

Jacob handed a newspaper to her. Zhengling: “Look.”

Zhengling looked at the topic, Bai’s Group was going public, and the young president was a marketing genius.

Zhengling smiled slightly: “Qingge didn’t break his promise, he gave Hanling a stable home.”

Jacob put his arms around Zhengling, and said with emotion: “Zhengling, children and grandchildren have their own blessings. We are old , Yu Sheng, I’ll take you to see the scenery together. You, you should learn to enjoy yourself.”


Zhengling leaned in Jacob’s arms with a peaceful expression.


a long time, Zhengling suddenly said again: “In another three to five years, it’s time for us to take care of our grandchildren.”

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