Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 277

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Chapter 277

The director was very satisfied with Faith’s performance and immediately decided to set Faith’s second female role in the play.

Janice spoke a few words with the director, and the director generously increased Faith’s remuneration to one million.

Faith heard that she could make a million, and happily hugged her mom. “Mommy, we have money now. Can we leave Uncle Zhan’s house and stop being squandered by him?”

When Janice heard that Jacob had abused Faith, she was very angrily. “I suspect that my brother’s head is only for viewing. In terms of his attitude towards your mother and daughter, his IQ is seriously offline. What genius? The boy, the uncrowned king, I think it is a single-celled creature.”

Grace smiled and said, “A wise man must have a mistake when he is worried. He is too arrogant to be deceived by me.”


The black luxury car next to him suddenly heard the sound of the window sliding down.

Grace and Janice followed their reputations, and saw Jacob sitting in the back seat, his face shrouded in immortal ice.

Janice was guilty of conscience and repeatedly stuck out her tongue, “f*ck, it’s not good for the passing years.”

Grace lowered her head, “What to do?”

Faith walked fiercely in front of Jacob, then blocked the view of Jacob, and shouted to Mummy and Auntie, “Mummy, Aunt, run away. I will deal with the Great Demon King.”

When Grace was still hesitating, Janice grabbed her hand and opened fire, and ran to the place where the women gathered.

“My brother is most afraid of being entangled by women. We are hiding here. He dare not chase him.”

“What about Faith?”

“That is his daughter, even if Faith offends him, as long as he tells him that Faith is his precious daughter afterwards, he will forgive Faith.” Janice said.

Jacob looked at the little bun in front of him, and suddenly stretched out his hand to touch the back of her neck and stuffed her in from the car window like a chicken.

He threw it heavily on the back seat.

Faith is not as quiet as Jason, but Derek is so reasonable. She is a mad lion after being angered. She slams her head against Jacob, “You are a bad guy, you scared Mommy like that. Can’t help you.”

“Your mommy is an egg, can you blame me?” Jacob’s big hand touched Faith’s face.

Faith couldn’t get in or retreat, so she could only stand in a stalemate with him.

“I have money now, so Mommy and I don’t want to look at your face. When I look back, I will take Mommy away from you, the devil.”

Jacob: “Believe it or not, I’ll take you back to your father. You won’t see Mommy in your life!”

Faith stared at him bitterly, “My daddy is an a**hole, I don’t want him.” Then she sat down and sulked.

How did Jacob know that the bastard in her mouth was scolding him?

“You don’t like your father that much?”


“Can you tell me the reason?”

“Since I have a few stinky money, I look down on Mommy. I always say bad things to Mommy.” Faith stared at him angrily.

Jacob was slightly startled, how did he feel that this little bun did not have the ability to identify the personality characteristics of men?

Can his father be the same as him?

Guan Xiao looked back at the president being treated by a little bun with a look of discomfort and amused heart.

“Faith, do you know the consequences of offending Uncle Zhan?” Guan Xiao thought he had a good command of his children.


“Talk about it.” Jacob said curiously.

“Either scolded or beaten, and there are no civilized moves.” Faith rolled her eyes with contempt.

Guan Xiao smiled in his heart.

This little bun is really not afraid of the heavens and fearless, alive little devil!

Jacob grimaced, “I have hundreds of ways to punish children. Would you like to try?”

Faith looked at him angrily. Daddy was so kind to the two brothers, but he was extremely cruel to her.

Unwilling to feel wronged, tears burst into her big eyes.

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