Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 278

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Chapter 278

“You are a bad person. I curse you, you don’t want to have a daughter in your life.”


Jacob raised his hand and slapped her.

“How can you have such a vicious mind at a young age?” He furiously asked.

Faith’s words really hit his sore spot.

He and Irene will never have a daughter.

Guan Xiao stared in horror at the two people in the back seat, one big and one small needle-pointing towards Maimang.

After Jacob hit Faith, although the slap was very light, he regretted seeing the child’s aggrieved face mixed with resentment.

However, Faith is also a strong temper. After being beaten, she was even more angry. She clenched her fists and shouted at Jacob, “I hate you.”

Faith opened the phone watch and cried to call Grace, “Mummy, where are you? Uncle Zhan is a bad guy, he hit me?”

Faith was heartbroken by crying on the phone, and Grace was heartbroken.

Jacob beat Faith, this incident was like a bolt from the blue, making her eyes black and almost kneeling down.

Janice helped Grace, “Sister-in-law, are you okay?”

“Janice, your brother beat Faith, he beat Faith, how could he, he owes Faith too much…” Grace tears.

The heart hurts so hard to breathe

“How can my brother do such a bastard thing? I’ll call my brother just now?”

Janice took out her cell phone and just made a call. Jacob’s voice came coldly.

“Where is he?”

“In Nanhu Park!” Janice originally had an anger to vent, but when she heard the coercive voice of the big brother, she was shocked.

Before long, Jacob’s car stopped in front of Grace and Janice.

Faith cried so hard that Grace opened the car door, and she threw herself into Grace’s arms, crying to death.

Grace stared at Jacob bitterly with red eyes. For seven years, no matter how he hurt her, she had never stared at him with such resentful eyes.

Jacob was very upset.

Grace cried and yelled at him, “How can you beat her, how do you hurt her? Zhanye, if you don’t like her, I can take her away.”

Grace hugged Faith, turned around and left.

Jacob closed his eyes, her condemnation pierced like a needle in his heart.

“Grace—you come back—” he called to her.

Where is Grace willing to listen to him, leaving him only stubborn.

Janice was at a loss, and Jacob scolded, “Hurry up and chase your sister-in-law back?”

“Oh!” Janice immediately went after Grace again.

“Sister-in-law, get in the car.”

Grace and Faith got into Janice’s car.

“Sister-in-law, where are you going?”

“Hotel.” Grace choked.

Anyway, she will not return to Jacob’s villa.

Shanger Hotel.

Grace hugged Faith and sat on the bed in the hotel.

Janice paced back and forth. She always felt that something was wrong with her big brother today.

However, something was wrong, she would not remember it for a while.

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