Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 249

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Chapter 249

They didn’t believe what Shaun said!

In their eyes, Shaun is simply a joker, who makes people laugh.

Even Elvira has a trace of anger on her face.

She couldn’t understand what had happened to her husband?

He knows that they had received orders of tens of billions worth, then why is he still saying that the Bai family is going to ruin.


Elvira looked at Shaun, and scold him!


Ding-Ding Ding!

The cell phones of five to six high-level officials are ringing. It is like a series of reminder bells, making everyone’s eyelids twitch.

It’s more than that!

Especially, when these five or six senior executives answered the phone one after another!

Everyone was shocked to see that the faces of these high-ranking officials changed instantly, and then, as if they had heard the news of death, their faces got pale as paper.

The cold sweat started to come down from their foreheads.

What’s going?

This scene made Zheng Xuechang’s heart ached, so he immediately asked:

“What’s the matter?

Not only Zheng Xuechang!

Elvira next to him, as well as all the employees there were also very curious. They also want to know who has called and what they said.

“It’s over… it’s over! Our Bai Group is over. Just now, Yang Jinshui of Shanda Group has said that he is canceling all cooperation with our Bai group! And he had said that any group that cooperates with Bai’s, Will be listed as an enemy of Shanda group!”


This sentence struck Zheng Xuechang like a thundering storm and he hardly believing his ears.

The rest of the people also got shocked to hear this.

Just now, Zheng Xuechang said that Yang Jinshui’s Shanda Group has given Bai group 3 billion super orders.

And now, just a minute later, how could the Shanda Group become an enemy of the Bai family.

This is not possible!

However, the nightmare has just begun!

On the other side, the high-level man tremblingly said:

“I also received news that Xu Yangsheng of Hongda Group has also said at the same time that he is going to block the Bai family at any cost! Anyone who corporates with the Bai family will be included in the blacklist!”

“The news I received is, Yongsheng Group of Mr. Fei Yong has favored blocking the Bai family!”

“And Zhou Shengchang’s Changsheng Group is also banning our Bai family!”


These sentences like bombs fell in the ears of Zheng Xuechang and all Bai’s employees.

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