Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 250

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Chapter 250


Zheng Xuechang seemed to lost all his strength, and he almost fell to the ground.

How… how can this happen!

I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!

He found that another high-level man is standing there trembling, but he did not dare to speak!

“What about you? What news you have got?” Zheng Xuechang asked with a pale face.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes focused on this person.

This person’s clothes were completely wet with cold sweat, and he said:

“The chairman of Tianlong Group, Tianlong Xu, together with all Tianlong directors has issued a banning order at the same time! Banned the Bai Group!

Tianlong Group!

After hearing the words of this person, Zheng Xuechang is feeling like his head is going to burst now.

If the four major business forces such as the Shanda Group bans the Bai Group, then they still have a chance to survive.

However, if it is a giant force like the Tianlong Group, then there is no other way for the Bai group.

It got destroyed in minutes!

“Why… how this is possible? Those big guys had given orders to our Bai Group? How come they all turn against us?”

Zheng Xuechang’s eyelids jumped wildly, and he couldn’t imagine what he has just heard.

Not only him!

Elvira covered her small mouth in horror, and a deep horror and disbelief flashed in her beautiful eyes.

“Shaun… how did he know?”

At this moment, Elvira remembered Shaun just said that the Bai family group is going to destroy.

At first, for her Shaun’s words were simply a joke.

But now…

This happened!

And in a way that no one can believe, it truly pushed the Bai Group to the end.

It’s more than that!

Elvira still remembers Shaun’s words.

‘The Bai family will come and kneel, and will request to take the post of the president’!

“Isn’t it true? Impossible!”

Elvira’s eyelids jumped wildly. At this moment, she looked at her husband, as if looking at a monster, full of amazement.


They only heard the buzzing of the engines, and then everyone saw that from the east of the road, there were a lot of luxury cars galloping in.

There are as many as twenty or thirty vehicles, forming a luxurious fleet.

In particular, this team seemed to have something urgent, and every car is extremely fast.

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