Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 281

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Chapter 281

A Rolls-Royce leader, with a mighty flower convoy, ran from the flower market to the Shanger Hotel in the city.

At this time, Faith was tired of crying and fell asleep lying on her mother’s arms. But from time to time, she murmured, “I don’t want Daddy, Daddy is a bad person.”

Grace’s eyes were red, and her heart was cut like a knife.

The hotel door was knocked suddenly, and Janice looked at the lonely sister-in-law, and took the initiative to get up and open the door.

“Sister-in-law, you come soon.”

Hearing Janice’s exclamation, Grace put Faith on the bed and walked out.

Outside the door is a sea of bright red roses.

The ground is covered with a thick layer of petals, and there are white floats on both sides of the road. Inside the floats are heart-shaped roses.

Counting, there are eleven floats in total.

Janice stared at the copper bell in surprise, “How many roses do you need?”

Grace looked at Janice and said with a smile, “Which dude does you again?”

Janice looked like an idiot, “It’s too romantic. If it really comes for me, I’ll marry him.”

As soon as the voice fell, Jacob stepped vigorously from the corner of the stairs.

Janice hurriedly covered her mouth, swallowing her own words, “When I didn’t say it.” Then ran into the room.

When Grace saw Jacob, there was a trace of confusion in her dark glazed pupils.

“Master Zhan, what are you doing?” Grace really didn’t understand the purpose of his arduous efforts.

Jacob stood in front of her, with his hands in his trouser pockets, with a lazy expression that carried the nobility of a prince.

“Can’t you tell? I’m pursuing you.”

Grace had a headache and squeezed her forehead. “Master Zhan, the roses will wither. I’m sorry I can’t accept this short-lived passionate love.”

Grace finished speaking, turned around and entered the room, closing the door with a bang.

Jacob’s flower delivery plan completely failed.

Guan Xiao looked at the closed-door CEO, dumbfounded.

Grace is the only person in the world who dares to embarrass the president.

He can guarantee that Grace will die without a burial place.

Jacob glared at Guan Xiao, and Guan Xiao walked over in fright.

“Didn’t you say that Palmer’s dude chasing a woman is sure to be sure?” Jacob was sullen.

Guan Xiao drooped his head, “President, the women that Zhan Ye usually pursues are Internet celebrities, and maybe that set is not suitable for good women.”

Jacob thought for a while, and a slight smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

Also, how is his lingering like those vulgar fans?

“Call the door.” Jacob said coldly.

Guan Xiao rang the doorbell.

No one responded.

Guan Xiao’s face was a little gray, and he glanced at the president secretly. The president didn’t want him to stop, so Guan Xiao had to continue pressing.

The door bell is endless.

Inside the house.

Janice propped her chin with one hand and looked at Grace suspiciously.

“My brother, who has such an orphan personality, would actually give flowers to girls. This is really a ten thousand-year-old iron tree blooming. Sister-in-law, my brother is not in love with you, right?”

Grace smiled bitterly, “His attitude towards me is indeed not as bad as before, but I guess he is taking care of the child’s face. He doesn’t really like me.”

Janice’s eyes were dim, she knew that her eldest brother liked Sister Irene that was a love that was so painful to the bone.

People like elder brothers have always liked things that have remained the same since childhood. They have never been willing to throw away the things they have used. It is impossible to forget Sister Irene so quickly.

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