Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 280

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Chapter 280

Jacob stretched out his hand, and Guan Xiao handed him the phone.

Jacob said coldly, “Didn’t you always want Maybach’s latest model? Help me find Grace and I will give it to you.”

Palmer was very surprised, “Jacob, do you really want to remarry Grace? Hey, my brother-in-law would kindly remind you that, on your terms, you should look at the whole world instead of one. Hanged from a crooked neck tree, right?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Jacob scolded.

Seeing the merits of Maybach’s new style, Palmer forbeared his nephew’s rudeness. “Don’t worry. Let me analyze it carefully with you. First of all, Grace doesn’t love money. From your family’s Derek’s refusal of grandfather’s generous rewards, you can see that she is so poor that she has only bones left. Silly woman.”

Jacob was furious, “Palmer, pay attention to your wording.”

“Oh, no, Jacob, you used to wish all of us drowned her with saliva. Now that we are a little disrespectful to her, you are anxious to get angry. Wouldn’t you really have feelings for her? “Palmer joked.

“Well, she is not stupid, she just loves you too much. Give birth to you and raise children for you. Don’t give a penny to the family. It can only show that she loves you deeply-into the bone marrow.” Palmer said. It started to sour.

“Let’s talk about you, high IQ, good figure, good looks, God is not thin to you, and finally rewarded you such a flawless and pure love. I will almost turn into a lemon essence.”

Jacob did not interrupt Palmer’s nonsense this time. Rather, he fell into self-reflection.

Why can Palmer know that Grace likes him, but he just can’t tell?

When she quarreled with him, she tried her best to run him, he thought that was her true face.

It turned out not to be.

She was just trying desperately to hide her kindness to him. Because she was afraid that he would use her love to trample on her dignity.

“So. For a woman like Grace who is born for love, then you have to influence her with love. Although sending flowers is very vulgar, it is very useful. If flowers cannot sell beautiful hearts, then jewelry, especially the jewels specially designed for her will surely make her cry. These two magic weapons are goddess tools.”

After hearing the point, Jacob hung up the phone unceremoniously.

Then looked at Guan Xiao, “Do you know how to do it?”

Guan Xiao said, “President, I will call to order roses.”

Jacob looked out the car window, “Send me to the flower market.”

Guan Xiao immediately replenished in his mind the cool and abstinent president who stood among the flowers, eclipsing them with shame.

“Yes.” Turning the front of the car, rushed to the flower market.

The largest flower market in the imperial capital is located at the Fourth Ring of the East of the City. On weekends, there was a lot of people-traffic here. As soon as Guan Xiao drove into this area, he was blocked by traffic and couldn’t get in or out.

The car moved a little bit, and finally entered the rose flower base.

Jacob got out of the car, ignoring the admiration of passers-by, standing coldly in front of the sea of flowers, and said to the boss, “I have wrapped all the roses here.”

Guan Xiao parked his car and heard the silly words of President Qian Duo as soon as he walked over.

“President, the number of flowers is exquisite, and the flowers have to wither.” There is no need to cover this sea of flowers.

Jacob handed him a sharp look of “you be my fool”. Guan Xiao shrank back.

“Boss, today I selected nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine of the freshest roses for me to bandage into two hearts. From now on, I will order roses every day, and you will send them to the designated address.” Jacob became the master in one go.

This is a long-term business. The boss hit it off immediately, “Sir, I’ll pick the flowers for you.”

Guan Xiao: Who said his president has low emotional intelligence?

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