Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 279

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Chapter 279

Jacob made more than a dozen calls to Grace, and Grace’s mobile phones were all turned off.

Calling Janice, Janice looked at Grace’s mother and daughter who were angry, then glanced at the phone to call, and silently slipped the phone away.

Jacob gazed at the phone suddenly, and for the first time in his life felt that those little women who usually seemed weak and involuntary were really hard to raise.

“Guan Xiao, how do you coax a woman?” Jacob leaned back in his chair, weakly.

Guan Xiao looked at the disappointed president in the perspective mirror, with a look of disbelief.

The president started his business when he was a teenager, and he has been hacked in the black and white of the mall. No matter how cunning the villain is, no matter how vicious the wolf is, there is nowhere to hide in front of him.

But it was cured by a few little women.

“President, I’m really inexperienced to talk about tricks of coaxing women. You have to ask your uncle, he is a person who has been among thousands of flowers and leaves nothing to his body.” Guan Xiao mentioned Palmer with a face Expression of worship.

“Call him.” Jacob ordered.

Guan Xiao reacted for a long time before reacting.

The president was afraid that his uncle would laugh at him, so he asked him to call Palmer, right?

Guan Xiao was a little embarrassed, “President, he might not care about me?”

“Try it.”

Guan Xiao obediently took out the phone and called Palmer under the coercion of the president.

“Zhan…Master?” After the call was connected, Guan Xiao got up in a hurry.

“Yo, Guan Xiao, why didn’t my little nephew call me personally? Ask him if he doesn’t put my little uncle in his eyes?” Palmer had guessed that Guan Xiao called me in order to war. Jacob seized the opportunity to fight Jacob.

Guan Xiao was caught in a dilemma between the opposite and the discordant uncle and nephew.

Jacob said coldly, “Tell him, I never put him in my eyes, I always put him in my heart.”

Guan Xiaoyuan conveyed the words, and Palmer laughed after hearing this, “My nephew has a sweet mouth today, did you ask me?”

Guan Xiao knew that the members of the Zhan Family were all human beings.

“Master Zhan, you guessed it. Our house—”

Glancing at Jacob’s cold haunting eyes suddenly opened, Guan Xiao’s conversation turned, “We have a relative in our family who is having a divorce with his wife. But my relative does not want to divorce. I think about Zhan’s experience in this area. Quite a lot, so I want to ask you humbly…”

Palmer still couldn’t hear Guan Xiao’s off-string sound, but he was very surprised. Didn’t his little nephew always hate Grace, and want to get rid of Grace? How come this style of painting has changed after a few days?

He wants to remarry Grace?

“It’s not easy!” Palmer said with extraordinary confidence.

Jacob leaned forward and listened carefully to Palmer’s opinions.

Guan Xiao quickly activated hands-free.

“There are two kinds of women: one is to love your money, and the other is to love you. The first type of woman uses money to pass it. The second type of woman uses love to pass it. I understand. Right?”

Guan Xiao looked at the president through the rearview mirror. Seeing the president frowned, he obviously didn’t understand, so he reminded Palmer, “Can you be more specific?”

Palmer found a sense of accomplishment in front of Jacob for the first time, and said proudly, “Send a woman with money, that is my little nephew’s forte. But send a woman with love, hey, he has no emotional intelligence. For people with the lower limit, it’s really difficult.”

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