Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

Sister-in-law can have this clear understanding, which may be a good thing for her.

Janice always felt that her brother could marry any woman, but could not give love alone.

The doorbell is still ringing…

The noise made Janice directly put two tufts of cotton into her ears.

Grace was helpless and walked to the door again to open it.

Looking at the two men outside the door with deep resentment, Guan Xiao was stunned. Why was Grace angry?

The time of his president is money. Waiting for half an hour here, he wonder how much money was wasted. It is his president who should be angry.

Janice was afraid that her resentful sister-in-law would provoke her elder brother to anger, and fearing that she would suffer a loss, she hurried out to make ends meet.

“Brother, why are you here again?” This is pretending not to hear the endless doorbell.

Jacob’s sharp eyes pierced Janice’s hypocritical face, “Are you deaf? Would you like to see an ear doctor for you?”

“Not brother, my sister-in-law and I are listening to music.” Janice held Grace and pinched Grace’s arm hard. The reminder is full of meaning.

Grace was the stubborn master, staring at Jacob fearlessly, “You are not welcome here. You go!”

Guan Xiao and Janice were frightened in cold sweat by Grace’s provocation that she was not afraid of death.

They seemed to have seen Grace’s blood flowing into a river.

Jacob’s whole body shot out cold as if he was about to freeze people into sculptures.

Guan Xiao and Janice retreated unconsciously. At this time, it is the kingly way to protect yourself.

Jacob stared at Grace, with cold eyes. “Grace, don’t be shameless.”

What Grace kept lingering in his mind were Faith’s helpless eyes, and the anxiety of restless sleep.

Xu is the mother and Zegang, fearless to Jacob.

The atmosphere freezes terribly.

As if sparks sparkle, a war full of smoke can erupt immediately.

Grace said with a temper, “Who is rare for you to give me a face? There are countless women outside who want to collect your flowers. Go to them to find your sense of accomplishment. With me, I will never give you a sense of accomplishment.”

Grace and Guan Xiao were astonished as petrified.

Even if Grace didn’t accept Jacob’s affection, she still said rudely to Jacob. This was really playing a lantern in the toilet-looking for death.

“Sister-in-law, please stop talking.” Janice was so anxious that she just wanted to find a needle and thread to sew Grace’s mouth together.

Jacob’s eyes fell like a knife on Grace’s proud face.

Suddenly he stepped forward and carried her on his shoulders, “Go back and pack you.”

Janice was so scared that her face paled, “Brother, don’t you want to kill someone?”

“Janice, send Faith to the Calendar Garden.”

An hour later.

Calendar garden.

Jason and Derek were catching crickets in the front courtyard garden. They saw Daddy carrying Mommy. Mommy punched and kicked Daddy while shouting, “Warlord, you let me down.”

At once, Derek felt that something was wrong, so he ran to the middle of the road, like two small green onions stuck in the road. “Daddy, put down Mommy.”

Jacob said, “If you want your younger brother, let go!”

Jason was still in a daze, and Derek pulled him away.

Jacob confronted Grace directly into the bedroom, locked the door, and threw her onto the bed.

“I like running, don’t you?”

Grace looked at the square bed, suddenly a little scared.

“What do you want to do?”

Jacob reached out and untied the collar of his shirt, revealing his sexy and charming apple.

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