Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 283

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Chapter 283

Janice and Faith arrived at the Calendar Garden later, and Janice hurriedly parked the car on the side of the road, and then ran Faith inside.

Seeing Jason and Derek happily playing with crickets in the garden, Janice’s heart sank heavily.

Isn’t the eldest brother back yet? It doesn’t make sense, he drove so crazy, and shouldn’t he be slower than her?

Janice asked Jas and Derek said, “Jas, Derek, has your father and mother come back?”

“Yeah.” The two Mengbao nodded in unison.

Janice’s eyes widened in surprise. Now that he is back, can the child still play with cricket calmly? Can’t they see that Mom and Dad are arguing?

Janice stepped on the two crickets into meat sauce with one foot, and Derek and Jason raised their eyes and looked at her condemningly. “Auntie, what are you doing again? Why are you trampling on our crickets?”

Janice condemned in a low voice, “Your daddy and mommy are arguing, and the relationship is tense. If you two little bastards don’t persuade you to fight, are you still playing crickets here?”

Derek and Jason glanced at each other, casting suspicious eyes on Faith. “Faith, daddy and mommy are really quarreling?”

“Yeah.” Faith nodded, “It’s so noisy.”

Derek immediately lost the paper tube containing the crickets, and ran into the room with his legs.

Jason, they hurried to follow.

On the second floor, by the door of Jacob’s bedroom, quickly surrounded the big, three and four black heads.

Inside the room, Grace’s clothes were torn to pieces. Throw it messy on the ground.

All the stubborn stubbornness in his bones had vanished when he fettered himself in the battle.

The brain is blank!

Hitomi stared like a bull.

The body was trembling with moisture under the baptism of love.

“Grace, I allow you to indulge, but don’t touch my bottom line.” The devil’s voice suddenly sounded terribly.

“What is your bottom line?” she asked, clutching the white bedding.

“My bottom line is-don’t run away from home.”

Outside the door, the few people who heard the cold voice of Jacob immediately became anxious.

The door panel was suddenly photographed earth-shattering…

The two people in the room who were about to enter the indescribable action were very depressed by the sudden interruption.

Jacob looked at Grace’s shy and innocent face, and wanted to ignore the interruption and continue, but the children’s voices rang out with mist.

“Daddy, don’t bully Mommy.”

“Sister-in-law, if you are not dead, say something, lest I worry about you.”

Jacob was furious, “Shut up all to me, and get away.”

There was no sound outside the door.

The world is clean.

Jacob continued to devour his prey…

The door panel rang more violently.

This time, the children seemed to use various props.

“Don’t be afraid, Mommy, I’ll save you.” Derek cried.

Grace pushed Jacob away, “Don’t scare the children.”

Then wrap her body in a bedding.

Jacob is very helpless…

Big long legs walked out of the bed, put on his clothes, glanced at Grace who had wrapped herself tightly, and smiled lightly.

Walked to the wardrobe table, took a small dress and handed it to her, “Put it on.”

Grace looked at his clothes and resisted…

“Do you want the children’s brains to fill the young-child-unsuitable picture?” Jacob asked.

Grace immediately put on his compassionate shirt. The long and big compassionate shirt is fortunately wrapped in bedding, but the part above the neck is exposed, as if wearing one’s own.

Jacob picked up all the broken clothes on the ground and put them into the bucket. After everything was cleaned up, he went to the door and opened the door——

The children were holding various props, kitchen knives, wooden stakes, and even toy sniper rifles. Seeing Daddy standing in front of him, the children were all stunned.

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