Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 247

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Chapter 247

“That’s right! It’s because of your trash husband!”

Zheng Xuechang’s eyes were red, and he stared at Shaun angrily. He hates him the most:

“If he was not here before, then I would have this position long ago! However, your waste husband not only robbed me of the position that originally belongs to me but even slapped me in the face in front of all the high-level staff! It made me lose face! “

“I can’t wait to kill him!”

“It’s a pity that Yang Jinshui of Shanda Group will kill him without me now! Hahaha…”

Zheng Xuechang smiled happily and hideously. He seemed to have seen the miserable scene of Shaun’s death on the street.


Everything at the gate fell in the eyes of the rest of the onlookers.

And these employees faces became extremely complicated:

“Oh…President Elvira is pitiful, she got beaten and resigned due to that trash Shaun!”

“Yes, if Elvira didn’t resign, how can Zheng Xuechang dare to be so rampant!”

At this moment, the other employees are thinking about this matter on different dimensions.

Especially this voice also reached the gate, and suddenly the smile on Zheng Xuechang’s face became more obvious.

He stared at Shaun as if watching a clown:

“Shaun, did you hear that? Everyone is scolding you because you are the one who caused Elvira to resign!”

“Hahaha… But I also want to thank you!”

Zheng Xuechang cleared his throat, and then shouted to all the staff:

“Now, let me announce to everyone! President Elvira resigned! From now on, there will be only one president of the Bai Group, and that is President Bai Yan!”

Hearing this, those onlookers were not surprised.

Because they also received the news of Elvira’s resignation more or less through some calls from the Bai family’s core members.

Zheng Xuechang smiled and he is proud:

“I announce the second good news! I heard from Bai’s family that just after Elvira resigned, Mr. Yang of Shanda Group, Mr. Xu of Hongda Group, Mr. Fei of Yongsheng Group, Mr. Zhou of Changsheng Group! Four first-class business giants, and the top ten second-rate business giants, went to the Bai’s house together!”


This news shocked all employees.

Not only them!

Even Elvira couldn’t believe her ears!

Four first-rate giants, ten second-rate giants!

How could these big guys go to the Bai’s house together?

To see Elvira in shock, Zheng Xuechang laughed more and more intensely:

“You know, why are those big guys at the Bai family house?”

“Hahaha… I tell you now that our Bai Group’s glory is in sight!”

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