Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 246

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Chapter 246

“I’m telling you, we already know it all! You have resigned now because of your trash husband, and you are not a member of our Bai Group!”

“So, you are not eligible to enter the office!”


This sentence completely changed Elvira’s expression.

She couldn’t think that she worked so hard to help the Bai family lay down Jiangshan, but on the day she just resigned, they didn’t even let her in.


Elvira took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart and said:

“Yes I have resigned, this time I am here to pack my things and leave immediately!”

“Hey… No need!”

Zheng Xuechang smiled sinisterly, then waved his hand.

Suddenly, the two high-level officials walked over with two boxes.

Inside the boxes, there were some folders, a picture frame, and some personal belongings of Elvira.

Seeing these things, Elvira’s heart became colder.

She did not expect that these people had already packed her belongings.

“Elvira, these are your boxes! Take them!”

Zheng Xuechang gave a smile, then snapped his fingers!

Suddenly, the two senior executives smiled sorrowfully, facing the fence door with the boxes in their hands.


Suddenly, they threw the items from the iron fence.

This is humiliation!

Elvira’s beautiful eyes instantly became wet and red, and the anger on her face could no longer be contained:

“Zheng Xuechang, I usually treat you very well, why do you treat me like this?”

Elvira couldn’t figure it out.

In the clothing department, when she was the top leader, and Zheng Xuechang was her deputy manager.

After she became president, she appointed Zheng Xuechang as the head of the clothing department.

It can be said!

This person was completely trained by her, but now Elvira could not think that the first person to oppose her was Zheng Xuechang.

“Hahaha… Elvira, people take the tea to cool, don’t you understand such a simple truth?”

Zheng Xuechang seemed to have heard the funniest joke, pointed at Elvira, and laughed loudly:

“I’m telling you, the current president is Bai Yan. I have already talked to President Bai Yan on the phone before. After she took office, the first thing she did was appointing me the chief technical consultant!”


Chief Technical Advisor!

This was Shaun’s position.

“It turned out to be like this! You are still holding the position of the chief technical consultant!”

Elvira completely understood, and it was precisely this matter that made her feel angrier.

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