Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 245

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Chapter 245


Although Shaun whispered, Elvira still heard him.

And this sentence made the disappointment in Elvira’s eyes extremely high.


The Mercedes Benz drove to the Baishi Group’s compound.

However, what is surprising is that the iron fence gate to enter the Bai Group has not been opened yet.


“What’s the matter? Didn’t the security see our car?”

At ordinary times, as long as her Mercedes-Benz was approaching, the security had already opened the iron fence gate and stood at the door to salute and watch.

But now, there is no movement at all.

“It has nothing to do with security. It seems that someone knows that you have resigned and can’t wait to jump out and make trouble!”

The luster of Shaun’s eyes was slightly icy.


Elvira got startled, and then she also seemed to think of something, and her expression instantly turned ugly.

Da da da!


At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from inside the gate, and then only Zheng Xuechang, the boss of the fashion department, walked over with a few high-level officials.

“Zheng Xuechang!”

There is anger in Shaun’s eyes.

This person, he remembered, when he was just serving as the chief technical consultant, Zheng Xuechang instigated a group of high-level officials and began to question Elvira.

In the end, Yang Tianrui, who he invited, slapped his face on the spot.

And now…

“Let’s get out of the car! See what tricks they play?”

With Shaun’s words, Elvira nodded, and the two of them opened the door and went on.

It’s just that they just got out of the car!

They saw Zheng Xuechang inside the gate as if watching a joke, looking at them and laughed wildly:

“Hahaha…Look, everyone, who is this here? Yeah, it turned out to be our former president!”

Having said this, Zheng Xuechang deliberately extended the word former’ by one point.

The words are full of humiliation.

Hearing his words!

The high-level people around also burst into laughter instantly, looking at Shaun and Elvira one by one, as if they were watching two jokers.

Not only that!

The movement here obviously alarmed other employees and senior members of the group. Many people walked out of the building and began to watch from a distance.

After seeing more and more people!

Elvira’s pretty face has turned ugly:

“Zheng Xuechang, you told the security guard not to open the door? What do you want?”

For what?

The corners of Zheng Xuechang’s mouth showed deep sarcasm and ridicule:

“Yeah! Hasn’t our former president had a bad temper?”

That’s it!

Zheng Xuechang’s eyes suddenly became cold, and he shouted angrily:

“Elvira, do you think you are the president of the group? What kind of prestige are you playing here!”

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