Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 244

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Chapter 244


Bai Shan’s words made the expression on the faces of all to change.

One after another nervous and with expectant eyes looked at Baishan again.

And just under their sight, Baishan said with a complicated expression:

“The one who can save the Bai family is my son-in-law… Shaun!”


When they heard these two words, the eyes of Mr. Bai, Haibai, Bai Yan, and others suddenly went wide.

They remembered!

Yang Jinshui brought four first-class groups to repay Shaun!

Tianlong Xu brought all the directors and resented them for expelling ‘Mr. Lin’!

And that is to say!

Shaun is the ultimate key person in this matter!

at the same time!

Elvira didn’t know anything about what happened in the Bai family.

She and Shaun are now heading towards the Bai Family Group. Since she had resigned, she must go back and pack her things.

The Mercedes Benz was walking slowly on the street.

But Elvira, who was sitting in the front seat, with her beautiful eyes looking at the scenery that was going backward on the roadside. In her beautiful eyes, a deep confusion emerged.

has it ended?

Maybe she was the president with the shortest tenure!

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Elvira’s mouth.

It can be said that this time the incident dealt a huge blow to her and made her extremely disappointed with the Bai family.

“My wife, are you still thinking about resigning?”

Shaun asked with a slight smile while driving the car.

“No, nothing!” Elvira shook her head, trying to put a smile on his face.

Shaun felt a little pity in his heart, and he couldn’t help but stretch out a hand and rubbed Elvira’s small head before he said deeply:

“My wife, don’t worry! The Bai family will soon kneel on the ground, begging you to take that position back!”


Elvira got stunned for a moment, she remembered that when Shaun left the Bai family, she once said that when the Bai family begged her again, everyone except Mr. Bai had to kneel.

At that time, she thought it was Shaun’s words to comfort her.

But now…

“Shaun, can you please stop talking such nonsense!”

“We are completely useless to the family, how can they continue to let me hold office? Let apart kneel and beg me!”

Elvira looked at Shaun with a slight disappointment on her face.

She was not afraid that Shaun would tire her, but she didn’t like her man lying.

Seeing Elvira’s look.

Shaun did not continue to explain, instead, a playful arc appeared in the corner of his mouth:

“The time is almost up, the Bai family estimates it’s almost… it’s over!”

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