Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 285

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Chapter 285

Downstairs, Faith was in Janice’s arms, with tears in her eyes. “Auntie, why did uncle bully Mommy?”

Janice looked at Faith’s carved jade face, the child was too simple, and there was no trace of impurities in her eyes.

“Faith, Uncle didn’t bully Mommy…” Janice really didn’t know how to explain to Faith.

“You lied to me, my uncle bit Mommy’s neck. I have seen many wounds on Mummy’s neck.” Faith sobbed, tears rolling down his face.

Janice slapped her forehead, she really didn’t know how to explain to Faith.

Before long, Jacob and Grace walked down one after another. Grace had changed back to her clothes, and deliberately chose a high-necked grass green cashmere sweater to cover her neck.

Seeing Jacob, Faith was like seeing an adversary from the world. She suddenly lowered her head and made her signature action that she hated.

Rolling out her white eyes, her expression was shocking. Janice screamed in shock.

“Ah, Faith, who did you learn from?”

Grace was a little panicked, because this signature movement was taught to Faith, and this movement was not Grace’s skill, but Irene’s skill.

Sure enough, Janice was very excited and yelled, “Brother, this action…this action is not sister Irene…”

As soon as she said it, Janice realized that she had made a mistake, and hurriedly covered her mouth to stop the following.

The two words Irene pierced Grace’s heart like a needle. She secretly glanced at Jacob uncomfortably, trying to see his emotional reaction to Irene from his face.

From beginning to end, Jacob’s expression was very calm.

A touch of sadness drifted across Grace’s eyes.

It seems that no matter how vigorously Irene loves him, he will never respond to Irene’s love.

Grace stretched out her hand and gently embraced Faith in her arms, stretched out her hand to cover her eyes, and when she released her hand, Faith’s eyes returned to normal.

“Faith, you can’t be rude to Uncle Zhan.” Grace criticized Faith gently.

Faith stared at Jacob angrily, and suddenly stretched out her little hand to open Grace’s high collar, and screamed to Mommy in a gentle and considerate manner. “Mommy, does it hurt?”

Grace’s ears became slightly red. She just felt embarrassed to death.

Jacob stared at Faith, this little bun was really good for Grace.

If she was one-tenth of Grace’s favor to him, maybe he wouldn’t hate her.

“Faith, this is not an injury, it is the purple Sha that Uncle Zhan helped Mommy suck out. You forgot, every time you have a fever, does Mommy also suck Sha on your neck?”

Faith raised her sleeve and wiped her tears, “Is it true?”

“Well, you misunderstood Uncle.” Grace said.

Faith twisted and apologized to Jacob, “Uncle Zhan, I’m sorry.”

Grace’s white lie was obviously not recognized by Jacob. “Why don’t you tell her the truth?” he asked coldly.

“The truth?” Grace’s face showed resistance.

The child is so young, which is suitable for listening to the love of men and women?

Jacob saw Grace’s red and white awkward expressions, and said, “Don’t get me wrong.”

Grace was shocked, what did he mean?

Jacob’s gaze shifted to Faith, “Uncle will soon marry your mommy.”

Faith pouted, looking very unhappy, showing strong opposition.

However, Janice was so startled that her eyes were about to fall to the ground, as if she heard the Century News, and she was stunned.

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