Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 286

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Chapter 286

“Brother, are you really going to remarry my sister-in-law?” Janice asked excitedly.

Jacob nodded.

“Brother, are you sure that you didn’t take the wrong medicine or impulse, but made this decision after careful deliberation?” Janice turned into a gossip paparazzi and asked the bottom line.

The children’s eyes shifted between Auntie and Daddy, and seemed to be very concerned about this topic.

Jacob thought for a while, when he learned that Grace was Irene, he didn’t think much about it at all, and made the decision to marry her.

“Not thoughtful.” He said honestly.

Grace sighed weakly.

She knew he didn’t love her at all.

Seeing Grace’s unconcealed expression on her face, Janice blamed her brother, “Brother, please, I have some emotional intelligence, okay? It will be very sad if you answer my sister-in-law like this.”

Jacob looked at Grace, “Really? Will it be sad?”

Grace squeezed a weak, pale, wry smile at him.

Does he care about her answer?

Simply silent.

Jacob suddenly pulled Grace’s hand over and placed it on his knee, crossing his fingers with her fingers, and said, “It’s not that I have a low EQ. Janice, it’s your low IQ.”

Janice’s eyes widened, “What international joke is my eldest brother? My IQ was detected to exceed the standard—”

“I know, your IQ is two hundred and five.” Jason ran unceremoniously against Auntie.

Janice slapped Jas’s head, “Little bastard, see if I don’t clean up you.”

When Janice and Jason were playing around, Jacob tightened Grace’s hand and said, “With my position and power today, I said, I won’t wrong myself. The same is true of marriage. You don’t Silly, you should understand what I mean, don’t be suspicious.”

The sofa cushion that Janice raised was about to be thrown towards Jason, when he was shocked and petrified by Jacob’s love words.

The eldest brother’s words are taken literally, doesn’t it mean that he proposed to her because of his love for her sister-in-law?

But how is this possible?

Isn’t the eldest brother always forgetting Sister Irene?

“Big brother, since you have decided to remarry with sister-in-law, should this wedding be done? Shouldn’t this wedding photo be taken? There should be a new house too?” Janice worked hard to fight for Grace’s welfare.

Jacob looked at Grace and said, “The new house is set here, you decide on the rest!”

Janice glanced at this fresh and elegant little villa, which was clearly built by her elder brother for Sister Irene. It is really unfair to her sister-in-law to set the new house here.

However, the eldest brother can make concessions and hand over the decision-making power of the wedding and other matters to the sister-in-law, which can be regarded as making up for the lack of the sister-in-law.

Janice said, “Sister-in-law, the bigger the wedding, the better. You can make a lot of money through the wedding!”

Jacob nodded, actually agreeing to Janice’s bad idea?

Grace said, “I am a second marriage, so I don’t have to—”

Janice immediately reminded her, “Cough—”

Grace quickly changed her words, “I have been married several times, and I have no feelings for weddings. I think it would be better to just draw a proof.”

Jacob did not miss Grace’s guilty eyes, “How many times have you been married?” said angrily.

Her heart was so fierce that he regarded it as a sacred and holy wedding, but in her eyes he even dismissed it?

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