Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 251

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Chapter 251

“These are Bai’s cars!”

After Zheng Xuechang saw these twenty or thirty luxury cars, he suddenly saw hope. He quickly got up from the ground, and then shouted to the security guard:

“What are you doing in a daze! It’s the president, open the door! Quick…”

The security guards did not dare to neglect and quickly opened the door.

And Zheng Xuechang led a group of high-level officials and greeted them quickly.


The rapid braking sound appeared suddenly.

Everyone saw that all the luxury cars belonging to the Bai family stopped at the door, the doors opened, and familiar figures got out of the luxury cars.

“Haibai is here! And the president is also here!”

Zheng Xuechang’s heart got overjoyed.

Not only he saw Haibai, but also the new president Bai Yan, as well as the senior members of the Bai family one after another.

It seemed that the core members of the Bai family had arrived.

This is more than that.

When the door of the last luxury car opened, and an old figure walked out of the car, Zheng Xuechang and all the high-ranking officers got shocked:

It’s Mr. Bai!

Zheng Xuechang and others hurriedly greeted all of them:

“Mr. Bai! Mr. Haibai! President!”

Zheng Xuechang respectfully greeted the three of them.


He got stunned to see that, these three seniors are not answering him, and walked past him.


The smiles on Zheng Xuechang and others’ faces instantly froze.

This is more than that.

He saw that the arrogant senior Bai family members, at this moment, looked like panicked rabbits, and ran towards Elvira with pale faces.

In front of Shaun!



They are kneeling one by one.

“Shaun, please, save the Bai family!”

When the desperate voices of these high-levels sounded!


Zheng Xuechang and all others witnessing this got shocked.


Zheng Xuechang and others could not believe their eyes.

But they all know that these seniors hate Shaun the most.

But now…

These bosses kneeled for Shaun, the wasteful son-in-law, begging him, how is this possible!


Asking Shaun to save the Bai family?

This is like a dream.

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