Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 252

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Chapter 252

And under Zheng Xuechang’s unbelievable sight, he saw Haibai and the president Bai Yan, who were with Mr. Bai, they also walked towards Shaun.

“Shaun, we were wrong before, but this time, you must help the Bai family!”Haibai’s face was also full of pleading.”

As for Bai Yan, even she is resenting Shaun in her heart, she can no longer control the future of the Bai family anymore:

“Shaun, as long as you can save the Bai family! Then, your grievances with our family will be wiped out. I promise that I will never trouble you again!”


Zheng Xuechang and others could not imagine that Haibai and the president Bai Yan will also ask for help from Shaun.


Zheng Xuechang was completely shocked as if he got struck by lightning.

Mr. Bai hesitated for a moment, and then spoke, he was completely frightened.

“Shaun, in any case, you are also a member of the Bai family. I hope that you can come forward to persuade Tianlong Xu and Yang Jinshui and others to take their decision back of banning the Bai family!”


The words of Mr. Bai made Elvira, Zheng Xuechang, and others couldn’t believe their ears.

Can Shaun persuade big men like Tianlong Xu and Yang Jinshui?

How is this possible?

How could characters like Tianlong Xu be accessible to ants like Shaun?

As for Yang Jinshui, he hates Shaun the most!

This is even more incredible.

Elvira looked at Shaun blankly. At this moment, in her eyes, her husband seemed to be more mysterious and unpredictable.

Can he predict the crisis of the Bai family? And can he ask big giants to change their decision regarding the Bai group?

This is simply something a god can do.


At this moment, Shaun did not admit or deny it. Instead, he coldly swiped every Bai family member and said:

“Sorry, I think you are asking the wrong person!”

Begging the wrong person?

This sentence stunned everyone in the Bai family.

And when they saw Elvira next to Shaun, many senior Bai family members instantly understood what Shaun meant.


The high-ranking members of the Bai family turned around and knelt in front of Elvira, begging:

“We were wrong before! You are the right person for the president! We beg you, kindly continue as the president of our group!”

“Yes, Elvira, we are a family, as long as you are willing to continue to serve as president, we will listen to what you say in the future!”


Many high-level officials looked at Elvira, pleading.


Before Elvira answered in a panic, Shaun next to her said:

“It seems that you still don’t have a long memory!”

“I said that when you beg my wife next time, I want all of you except Mr. Bai to kneel!”

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