Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 253

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Chapter 253


Shaun’s words are domineering and arrogant!

And after hearing this!

The expressions on the faces of Mr. Bai, Haibai, and president Bai Yan got ugly to the extreme in an instant. In their minds, they recalled the words Shaun said before leaving the Bai family:

‘When you beg my wife next time, I want you all to kneel! ‘

At that time, almost everyone thought that Shaun was an idiot and stupid.

But who could have imagined that in just an hour, his words will be real?

Could it be that he had predicted everything?

Think of this possibility!

Whether it is Mr. Bai, or every Bai family member around, there is a feeling of fear in them.

If Shaun had predicted the future, then this kind of thought, this kind of method, had reached a terrifying level.

“Haibai, for the family, for all of us, you also have to kneel!”

“Bai Yan, what are you doing in a daze! Didn’t you hear what Shaun said?”

“Kneel, it was all your idea! Otherwise, how could we get to such a situation!”


At this moment, seeing Haibai and Bai Yan still in a daze, the high-level Bai family around them all began to speak.

Or complain!

Or persuade!

But everyone intended to make Haibai and Bai Yan kneel and plead to Elvira.

Hearing this sentence, the expressions of Haibai and Bai Yan almost dripped with gloomy expressions.

They couldn’t even dream of it.

One day, it will be in the hands of this little waste son-in-law.

“Bai Yan! Just do what Shaun said!” Mr. Bai looked complicated.

And hearing his words.

Even Haibai and Bai Yan were reluctant and helpless.



The two knelt in front of Elvira obediently, pleading:

“Elvira, it was us who had no eyes before, but now he knows that he was wrong, I beg you to be the president of our Bai Group! Please!”

“Cousin, I was wrong. I am unable to serve as the president. This position is still yours. Please agree!”


At this moment, Zheng Xuechang only felt his heart is beating wildly, almost reaching to the throat.

There were dozens of people, all of them are senior members of the Bai family, all of them are kneeling and pleading.

This kind of scene is the first time he has seen in his life:

“I’m over…”

What made Zheng Xuechang regret breaking his intestines was that he had humiliated Elvira before. He had completely anticipated his sad end.

“Uncle! Bai Yan! And dear uncles, you all stand up! I can’t afford it, Elvira!”

Elvira panicked at this moment.

After all, many of the people kneeling in front of her were elders, so how could she bear it.

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