Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 254

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Chapter 254


No matter how she tried to persuade them, Haibai and others not hearing her.

In this scene, Elvira could only bite the bullet and said:

“Okay! I promise you, get up quickly!”


Hearing this, Haibai and others let out a long sigh of relief, but they still didn’t stand up, but instead looked at Shaun together.

They have already done what they were asked to do, so they want to know how Shaun can persuade Tianlong Xu and other big men.

“Don’t worry! As long as you keep Elvira as president, you can make it public to the media! Then Tianlong Xu and others naturally know what they should do!”

Shaun’s words were plain and direct.

When hearing this, everyone got stunned.

It’s that simple?

Although it still feels incredible in the hearts of every Bai family, they can only bite the bullet and believe in Shaun.


at this time.

When Shaun’s eyes turned, he looked at Zheng Xuechang and others, and a sharp curve appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“However, before solving the crisis in the Bai family, we must first solve some wicked people!”


This sentence, like a blast of thunder, slammed into the hearts of Zheng Xuechang and those high-level officials, causing these people to instantly become bloodless and fall to the ground.

That’s it!

They are finished!

In the afternoon!

The Bai Group held a press conference to announce that Elvira will continue to serve as the president, and at the same time announced the expulsion of several senior leaders including Zheng Xuechang.

However, what made everyone in Jiangshi fall through.

The news has just been released!

The Tianlong Group, which originally wanted to block the Bai family, also held a press conference again:

“Out of respect and admiration for Ms. Elvira, Tianlong Group announced that it will lift the ban on Bai Group! Besides, all sales channels under Tianlong Group will be opened to Bai Group for free!”

“Besides, Tianlong Group will develop a high-level cooperative relationship with Baishi Group!”


As soon as this news came out, Jiang City’s business community was completely boiling!


This name, like a comet, completely exploded Jiangshi’s business circle.

Not only that!

The press conference of Tianlong Group has just ended!

The four first-class business groups of Shanda, Hongda, Yongsheng, and Changsheng jointly held a press conference, they also lifted the ban on the Bai Group!

It is announced!

They will carry out more in-depth support and cooperation with Baishi Group for mutual benefit!


Everyone in Jiangshi couldn’t imagine how charming Elvira was. The news of becoming the president of Elvira brought the Bai Group back to life in an instant, and even received the support and cooperation of various business predators such as Tianlong and Shanda.

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