Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 255

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Chapter 255

Not only that!

With the support of Tianlong, Shanda the other major business groups in Jiang City have also moved their minds and tried various methods to start seeking cooperation with the Bai Group.

Baishi Group has become the most popular commercial group in Jiang City.

But Elvira’s reputation has skyrocketed.


Following the Jiangshi network, major post bars, and forums, someone posted a video of all the senior leaders of the Bai family kneeling and begging Elvira to become the president.


Elvira instantly became the super president of the popular Jiang City.

The perfect goddess in the hearts of countless Jiangshi talents.

It’s just that maybe all Jiangshi people didn’t expect it!

After Elvira’s video was posted on the Internet!

It caught the attention of a big woman!

She is the goddess of the Chinese nation, the hottest queen in Asia-Kelly Zhang!

Fragrant Hill Villa!

This is one of the most luxurious villas in China.

Building B2 is the home of the national goddess Kelly.

However, in one of the rooms, several Internet hackers were constantly refreshing the computer pages, their complexions were full of excitement as if they had discovered some treasure on the Internet.


Soon, the door of the room opened, and a beautiful girl walked in.

Her facial features, like works of art carved by the creator, are breathtakingly beautiful.

Those faintly clear eyes, like everything in the world, could hardly arouse her interest.

But now!

In her beautiful eyes, there was deep anxiety, and she just walked into the room and asked urgently:

“How? Did you find it?”

Hear Kelly’s question!

Immediately a hacker stood up and said excitedly:

“Ms. Kelly, after we searched the whole network, we finally found two videos, with the back of your benefactor, as high as 90% overlap! It should be him!”


If this sentence is heard by outsiders, everyone will be shocked.

Kelly is known as the most talented superstar in Asia.

And her benefactor, this is simply unimaginable.

“Quick! Show me quickly!”

Kelly’s excited little face flushed, and her delicate body trembled slightly.

Hearing this!

The hacker clicked on a video.

This video is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment video. A man wearing a surgical gown and a mask pierces an old man’s acupuncture points with electricity like electricity.


When Kelly saw those eyes, she started to breathe instantly:

“Is it him! But why doesn’t he looks like him?”

Upon hearing the question, the hacker clicked on the second video!

This video is the witness of all the Bai family members kneeling to the ground, pleading to Elvira.

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