Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 256

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Chapter 256


When Kelly saw Shaun’s face beside Elvira in the video!


Her delicate body trembled fiercely, and tears flowed from her beautiful eyes:

“Three…three years! I have been looking for you for three years, and you finally appeared?”

Fragrant Hill Villa!

In a room, Kelly seems desperate.

She has just cried, there are tears on the edge of her beautiful eyes:

“So in the past three years, you have been married…”

A trace of bitterness appeared in the corner of Kelly’s mouth.

Three years!

She has been looking for this man for three years.

In the past three years, she has hired hundreds of hackers, to search for Shaun. Whenever she got a clue, she traveled thousands of miles to investigate…

In three years, 72 concerts around the world, this is the career fame of Kelly, the hottest young queen in Asia.

But no one knows!

In fact, every concert is to find that person.

She has been to almost every corner of the world in search of that guy.


Kelly never dreamed that this man had always lived in China and is the son-in-law of a small family.

“It’s been three years, I wonder if he still remembers the little girl you saved in the Caribbean?”

Kelly’s gaze swept across the room.

On the walls in the room, there are sketch portraits of Shaun.

three years ago!

At that time, Kelly was still the eldest lady of a superfamily. Although her musical talents surpassed ordinary people, she was too talented.

Even when the family was not paying attention, she went abroad with her friends.

When their cruise ship passed the Caribbean Sea, a group of pirates appeared.

These people were extremely cruel. They almost slaughtered the men on the cruise ship and looted all their belongings and women on a pirate island.

That was definitely the darkest scene Kelly had ever seen in her life.

She had seen women with got harassed.

Even they killed her best friend with the knife.

And right there!

When those pirates were about to insult Kelly.

She got ready to commit suicide to save herself from being harassed!


A man, like a god, appeared.

It was Shaun.

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