Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 287

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Chapter 287

“Master Zhan, do you mind?” Grace looked up at him.

Jacob’s eyes filled with sullenness, “What do you think?”

As long as he is a normal man, he will mind how many times his wife has been married, right?

Grace felt aggrieved and panicked. He used her grandfather as a bargaining chip to force her to agree to marriage. She didn’t want to marry him, a marriage without love, only endless harm.

“You can regret your marriage,” she screamed, lowering her head.

Although the sound was small, it was like thunder on the ground, and it exploded with absolutely no sound.

Jacob went crazy in an instant, “Grace, our marriage is destined, so you can’t help but regret it.”

Grace is not to be outdone, “Zhan Ye, if you mind my marriage history, if you mind the existence of my daughter, I don’t understand, why are you forcing me to marry you? Is it sweet?”

Janice Tongzi stared wide, “What? My brother forced you to marry him?”

The news was astonishing to Janice. Her brother was the diamond single noble that the imperial capital girl most wanted to marry. If he wanted to get married, just shout, there will be countless celebrities who will follow him.

Why was Grace forced to marry him by such a despicable method?

Jacob’s eyes were filled with ice, and Grace’s stubborn eyes met.

“No matter whether it is sweet or not, you and I are destined to be unable to get rid of each other in this life.” Jacob’s lips and teeth lightly opened, Senhan’s voice overflowed from between his teeth, like the devil’s clamor, which lasted in Grace’s mind for a long time. Ceaselessly.

After Jacob finished speaking, he got up and left.

Grace sighed depressed.

Derek looked at the desperate mother and comforted her, “Mommy, Daddy is handsome, rich and gentle, why don’t you want to marry him?”

Jason added, “Daddy likes you.”

Faith made the opposite voice, “He is bad.”

Grace rubbed the children’s foreheads and said weakly, “Mommy needs to be quiet, you should go upstairs to rest first, okay?”

The three children reluctantly left.

Janice recovered from the shock, and Jason’s phrase “he likes you” once again stunned her.

Janice stood up swayingly, and said, “I think it is necessary for me to have a good talk with Big Brother.”

Grace waved to her, she leaned her head on the back of the sofa and closed her eyes to calm herself.

Zhang Ma walked over lightly and brought a cup of lotus soup for Grace. Softly said, “Miss Luo, it’s time for supper.”

Grace opened her eyes, and a suspicion filled her eyes, “Mother Zhang, it’s late, you go to rest soon. From now on, supper will be saved.”

Madam Zhang smiled, “I can’t save it, Master Qian urges you to say that Miss Luo, you are in poor health and need to be warmed up.”

The lotus seed soup that Grace had just drunk in her mouth spewed out again, staring at Zhang Ma blankly.

The eyes are complicated and obscure.

Janice was even more shocked.

“It seems that I really need to talk to my brother.” She ran upstairs.

Pushing open the door of Jacob’s bedroom, she saw Jacob’s tall and straight figure standing in front of the French windows. For some reason it looks a little lonely and bleak.

“Big Brother!” Janice closed the door after entering.

She tiptoed walked behind Jacob, and suddenly hugged Jacob from behind, leaning her head on his broad shoulders to act like a baby, “Brother, do you have any secrets to hide from me?”

Jacob reached out and pushed her head away, “This position is not yours.”

Janice raised her head suddenly, “I know, doesn’t it belong to Sister Irene? But Sister Irene is no longer there. Lean on me without dying.”

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