Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 288

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Chapter 288

Jacob’s deep gaze shot out the door, “Where is Grace?”

“In a bad mood, sitting in a daze on the sofa.”

Janice looked at Jacob, catching the irritability floating in his eyes, and Janice used the topic to play, “Brother, you seem to care about her?”

“She will be my wife soon. Shouldn’t I care about her?” Jacob said.

“People, Grace, don’t want to remarry you. I don’t understand. There are so many women in the imperial capital, why must you force her to marry you?” Janice was puzzled.

“It must be her.” A firm light flashed in Jacob’s eyes.

Janice embraced her arms and took a step forward, almost standing close to him. Then she looked into his eyes carefully and asked, “Brother, tell me honestly, do you still have sister Irene in your heart?”

Jacob nodded.

“Since there is still Sister Irene, why do you show a deep affection for your sister-in-law? Brother, this is unfair to your sister-in-law.”

Jacob fixedly looked at Janice, “I love Irene and Grace now. This is not a contradiction. Janice, don’t worry about this matter. Just bless us.”

Janice was confused. She originally thought that her elder brother forced her sister-in-law to remarry him for the child. Who would have thought that he would admit that he loved Grace.

“All right, I wish you all.” Janice shrugged.

Coming out of Jacob’s bedroom, when Janice went downstairs, she saw Grace drank a cup of lotus seed soup, but there were a few lotus seeds left at the bottom of the cup.

Janice was startled at the same place.

Sister Irene also has the habit of drinking lotus seed soup but not eating lotus seeds.

Wouldn’t it, eldest brother likes sister-in-law, just because of her personality, many hobbies are similar to Irene. So she used his sister-in-law as a substitute for Irene, right?

“Sister-in-law.” Janice went downstairs and sat beside Grace, holding her hand and said coquettishly, “I will stay with you tonight.”

Grace nodded.

At midnight, the Media Asia Hospital called Jacob urgently, and the doctor told him, “Master Yan’s condition is in crisis.”

Jacob’s heart sank and he quickly put on his clothes and went to Grace’s bedroom, knocking on the door.

“Put on, and follow me to Media Asia right away.”

Grace looked confused, but still dressed up and came out obediently.

Janice got out of the bed and asked in a daze, “Brother, what happened? Why did you go to Huanya in the middle of the night?”

Without knowing what he thought of, Jacob blasted Janice up, “You too.”

Janice had to get dressed, and the three hurried downstairs.

Jacob threw the key to Janice, “You come to drive.”

Janice finally understood the reason why he was bombarded by his eldest brother, and complained, “Are you my own brother? You won’t let me sleep in order to drive me? You can’t drive.”

Jacob and Grace sat in the back seat. Janice stunned the engine and stomped off the accelerator.

Grace looked at Jacob’s stern expression, with a slight premonition. “Master Zhan, what happened?”

“I’ll talk about it when it comes.”

After Janice drove the car into the city, Jacob suddenly said, “Go to Media Asia Medical Center.”

Grace looked at him sideways, “Did my mother have an accident?”

Jacob held her hand and shook his head. The look was solemn, “It’s Mr. Yan.”

Grace suddenly lost control of her expression and became panic.

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