Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 257

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Chapter 257

At the moment when they saw Shaun appear, the pirates felt as if they had seen the devil, kneeling and begging.

And just before Shaun said ‘death’ coldly!

All the pirates on the entire island were completely driven to a dead end. They raised their butcher knives as if they were crazy, and rushed towards Shaun.

There were hundreds of pirates and Shaun was alone.

However, Kelly witnessed a bloody scene that she would never forget for a lifetime.

Shaun likes a devil which has got a rebirth, cutting the heads of those monster pirates like a slaughter machine.

One after another!

The heads of those pirates were like tattered watermelons, throwing, smashing, and then flying in the air.

Less than half an hour!

The entire pirate island was completely covered with dead bodies and blood, like a slaughterhouse.

And that man was like a terrifying butcher.


At that moment, Kelly not only felt the slightest fear but was full of excitement and gratitude.

She was rescued.

She is one of the hundred women rescued by Shaun.

When those women were sent away by Shaun on a cruise ship, Kelly did not leave.

She cried madly and buried the body of her best friend.

And then!

On the entire pirate island, apart from the pirate corpses all over the mountains, only she and the devil-like man have remained.

“Hello, my name is Kelly!”

Kelly looked at her life savior and introduced herself to Shaun.

But Shaun smiled slightly:

“Hello little girl, my name is Shaun!”

That smile, full of sunshine and warmth, made Kelly unable to think of this man who killed hundreds of pirates alone.

After that, she and Shaun became friends, especially when Shaun knew that she was studying music, Shaun gave her a sheet of music.

“I’m leaving! This sheet music is a farewell gift for you!”

Before Shaun left, he stuffed Kelly the music score.

And that sheet of music is a song that Shaun wrote when he was free.

At that time, Kelly didn’t know the true value of this score.

She was just attracted by the scene outside the island.

Oh oh…

She was shocked to see that huge ships resembling warships were docked in the port of the pirate island.

Every warship is blood red!

It is like a ship of death, giving people terrifying scenery.

Not only that!

On the huge fleet of more than one hundred warships, there were flags, and on each flag, two words were written – Bloody Hell!

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