Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 289

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Chapter 289

Media Asia Hospital.

Jacob pulled Grace all the way to the entrance of the ICU. He couldn’t suppress his anger, and said coldly, “Don’t you have to be careful?”

The doctor was ashamed and embarrassed, but he also objectively and scientifically analyzed the reason for this situation to the president: “President, don’t be angry. Although Mr. Yan’s disease has been in a stable period, his muscles are gradually atrophy. After our consultation, we decided to give him intensified his treatment, using immunoglobulin shocks, hormones and immune preparations in combination, it is inevitable that there will be a crisis, as long as the crisis is over, the condition can be alleviated, and perhaps the master’s muscle strength can slowly recover.

The doctor’s explanation is very professional, and it is difficult for laymen to understand this principle of crisis inevitably before returning to normal. Jacob only looked at Grace, after all, he was most concerned about the girl’s mood.

After Grace learned that her grandfather was sick, she had been checking relevant information. Although she doesn’t understand, it seems to understand that crises during treatment are normal.

It’s just that when Grandpa lives in the ICU, she feels nervous.

His face was pale, his palms were sweating, and his body even began to tremble.

Janice rushed to the ICU after parking the car, and saw her brother embracing Grace in his arms and patted her back gently, as if caring for a little baby.

Love is overflowing on the body surface.

And Grace’s eyes were red, tears flickering.

Confusion appeared in Janice’s eyes.

Master Yan is ill, why is my sister-in-law more sad than my eldest brother?

The sister-in-law is obviously the illegitimate daughter of the Luo family. What does she have to do with the Yan family in Yancheng?

Janice walked over and sat in the waiting chair. Looking at the eldest brother and sister-in-law who was embracing affectionately, Janice’s expression was really hard to describe.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Janice couldn’t help coughing, aiming to remind eldest brother that this is the Huanya Hospital, and everyone who comes and goes knows him. He and his sister-in-law Xiu Enai are serious. ?

He is not afraid of hot search?

It’s just that she was coughing and vomiting, and both Jacob and Grace ignored her.

When the doctor walked over, Jacob pointed at Janice and instructed the doctor, “I will do a respiratory examination for the second lady immediately. Her throat is uncomfortable.”

Janice jumped up, “Brother, I’m not sick.”

Jacob said, “Then what are you coughing up?”

“I…I just remind you, Xiu Enai pay attention to the occasion.” Janice whispered.

Only then did Jacob realize that his hand was still on Grace’s shoulder, he quickly pulled it back, and glanced at the doctor sharply, which was a silent warning.

The doctor immediately turned around, glanced at other places, and assured him, “President, rest assured, I haven’t seen anything.”

“What’s the matter?” Jacob asked.

The doctor turned his back to him, “The crisis is relieved, and the vital signs have calmed down. The president can go back to rest at ease.”

Grace felt relieved after hearing the words.

She stood up, with a natural sense of reverence for the doctor, “Doctor, can I visit Master Yan?”

The doctor looked awkward.

Jacob said, “He has just transferred from the ICU to the general ward, and the doctor has to check his indicators, so don’t mess with it. Now that you are out of danger, you can go back and wait for news with peace of mind.”

Grace nodded.

Jacob again ordered Janice, who was in a daze, “Go and drive the car out.”

Janice murmured, “Let me be a driver, should I be paid at least?”

This evening, after spending most of the night, when they returned to the calendar garden, it was already dawn.

Grace stood at the gate of the garden, looking at Jacob gratefully, “Master Zhan, thank you.”

The altitude of Jacob is quite high, and he is very big compared to her petite. He looked down at her, his eyes dark.

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