Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 258

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Chapter 258

And on the hull of each ship, there were more than a hundred men who were in awe.

The strong muscles and the determined face make this team of thousands of people feel like an invincible teacher, giving people a sense of rivaling the world.


When Shaun’s figure appeared in the port.

Kelly was even more shocked to see that thousands of terrifying powerhouses bowed to Shaun in tribute, and everyone shouted frantically:




Every time Kelly recalled that scene, she becomes passionate. She really feels that Shaun was like a true god idol in the hearts of the thousand blood prisoners, so majestic and lofty.

Shaun left, carrying a hundred blood prison warships, floating away.

Before leaving!

He arranged for a blood prison warship to escort Kelly to the nearest seaport.

Kelly remembers!

When the blood prison warship just appeared in the port of the sea country, all the residents in the port were in a sensation.

They bowed to the blood prison warship.

Like this warship, it is their guardian.

At last!

Kelly successfully returned from Haiguo to Huaxia and was further arranged by the family to enter the Conservatory for further study.

But every day, she couldn’t forget Shaun’s figure.

That man, although only appeared in her world for only a few hours, he completely changed her life.

She studied music and carefully studied the music scores Shaun left her.


She was stunned to discover that on this sheet music, whether it was piano music or every song, it was a classic among the classics.

Even when she was singing a song on the sheet music in an empty music room.

It was recorded by my classmates and posted online.

That became the reason for her popularity!

And the song she sang was shocked by all the famous people in the music circle.

Debut since then!

It can be said that Kelly’s classic masterpieces are all songs on Shaun’s score.

It was Shaun who saved her, and it was Shaun who made her!

“I want to go to Jiang City, I want to see him again!”

Kelly looked at Shaun’s sketch and she smiled.

Time passed day by day.

The Baishi Group is completely on the right track, and batches of resurrection pills are constantly being developed.

Elvira is busier and Shaun is still doing laundry and cooking every day, living leisurely.

On the day, Shaun drove Paula out early in the morning.

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