Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 293

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Chapter 293

In the evening, Jacob returned home with three Mengbao.

Madam Zhang was anxious to inform Jacob of Grace’s departure, “Master, Miss Luo has already left.”

Holding Faith in his arms, Jacob nodded his head calmly, and said, “Hmm!”

At that time, he hadn’t thought about it at all. The so-called “going away” by Zhang Ma meant a long-term separation.

He thought that if Grace was determined to leave him for a long time, at least she should take away her own daughter.

Therefore, he thought Grace was only temporarily leaving the calendar garden, going out to meet friends, go shopping and so on.

Seeing that the young master did not show an unexpected expression, Zhang Ma thought that he was well informed about Grace’s departure. No more words.

Who knows that in the evening, Faith started crying for Mommy because she didn’t see Mommy.

Jacob really had no choice, so he called Grace.

It was only after this call that Grace’s cell phone had been shut down.

Jacob later realized what Grace meant by leaving.

Suddenly felt that the sky broke and the earth broke, and he opened his throat and shouted, “Mother Zhang, where did Grace go?”

Ma Zhang stared at the excited young master blankly, in shock.

The young master has always been wise and extraordinary, so why is he so confused today?

“Master, she didn’t say.”

Jacob went crazy in an instant, and slammed the phone to the ground, and the phone screen instantly cracked.

Faith hadn’t seen Mommy, so she felt insecure and kept sobbing.

This will see Jacob lose his temper and become more anxious. Let go of my throat and start crying, “I want Mommy! Mommy!”

Jason and Derek looked at Daddy with fear, and were obviously shocked by Daddy too.

The kind-hearted mother Zhang ran over to hold Faith and coaxed, “Don’t cry baby, Mommy will come back.”

Jacob’s chest was ups and downs because of his anger. The cold light that bloomed from the eagle eyes was like the dark night sweeping everything.

“Grace, what do you want?” Jacob gritted his teeth.

Madam Zhang said, “Master, don’t blame Madam Zhang for being fair. Although Miss Luo comes from a humble background, she is different from other girls. She doesn’t like vanity. If the Zhan Family despise her, she would not marry. For you. What she wants is equal love.”

Jacob’s pupil shrank suddenly, “Mother Zhang, has anyone in the Zhan family looked for her?”

Zhang Ma will inform the details. “The old lady entrusted your mother to bring a few words to Miss Luo, so that she should behave in a proper manner and not show her face on hot searches. After all, she is a woman with a complicated marriage history.”

After hearing this, Jacob sat down on the sofa.

How could the Zhan Family’s contempt for Grace not let her despair?

After all, she is a proud cling.

When Faith heard that Mommy had abandoned her and left alone, she cried so much that she suddenly broke free from Zhang’s arms, and desperately ran out to find Mommy.

“Mum, don’t leave me, don’t leave me.”

Jacob intercepted her back. He was in a very irritable mood at first, but Faith’s endless troubles caused his anger to surge.

“Don’t cry. You cry and Mommy won’t come back.”

Perhaps Jacob was right, crying could not solve the problem.

But for Faith, who is insecure, losing Mommy means the sky is falling.

Jacob has no patience to comfort her, she is full of fear for this strange environment and new family.

Derek came over and took his sister’s hand, his eyes were red, “Sister, don’t cry. Mommy won’t want us!”

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