Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 294

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Chapter 294

Jacob said with a hoarse voice, “Go to sleep, I will find a way to get Mommy back.”

Faith was crying and making noise, “No, I don’t want to sleep, I want Mommy…”

“You kid, why are you so disobedient?” Jacob has nothing to do with Faith’s clingy character.

“If you cry again, you won’t see Mommy anymore.” Jacob threatened.

Faith dared not speak, but stared at him sadly.

Nowadays, without mommy’s support, Faith is also a little confused.

When Jacob saw her eating hard but not soft, his threats escalated, “Your mother doesn’t want you, you have to listen to your uncle, otherwise your uncle won’t want you.”

Faith stopped sobbing, but her face was filled with fear.

Derek held his sister’s hand, “Faith, don’t be afraid, my brother wants you!”

Faith finally stopped crying. It was rare for Jacob to calm down, thinking about whether Grace’s ran away this time was decisive or impulsive.

He always felt that she loved children so much, even if she was wounded all over by Zhan Jia, even if she could safely leave Derek and Jason to him, how could she be willing to leave Faith to him, an outsider?

What’s more, she knew he did not like Faith.

Jacob had hope that she would return, at least to take Faith away.

It’s just that one wave has not settled and one wave has started.

In the early morning of the next day, Derek found his sister was missing. Panicked and ran to Jacob’s room, anxious like a hot pot ant, “Daddy, it’s not good, my sister is gone.”

Derek handed his sister’s farewell painting to Jacob. Faith painted two trees, one is poplar and the other is kapok. The kapok and the white poplar are flying to the ends of the world, two birds staying on the white poplar, and one is flying towards the kapok.

The meaning is very obvious, Faith is going to find Mommy.

Jacob is one head and two big ones. Why does God create a creature like a woman?

It was terrible.

He just mobilized all his power to find Grace, and this time he wants to mobilize all his power to find Faith.

Then shut the computer shut, and the icy breath overflowed.

If he were to catch the mother and daughter, he had only one idea: to imprison them with thousand-year profound iron.

Good news came soon, and Faith, who ran away from home, was quickly sent home by police uncles.

Jacob was furious, and locked her in the small black room with the back of her neck, “Give me a good reflection, I will completely get rid of this bad problem of running away from home.”

Afraid of the dark, Faith tapped the door, “Uncle Zhan, I was wrong, you let me come out.”

Jacob said coldly, “While your mother is not here, I will take care of you for her.”

Then he told Madam Zhang, “Without my order, she is not allowed to come out.”

Zhang Ma shook her head helplessly.

Because Guan Xiao made an emergency call to Jacob, and the phone was mysterious, “President, something has happened. Come here.”

Jacob rushed to the company in a hurry.

Derek hurriedly begged Zhang’s mother, “You do well and let your sister out.”

Zhang Ma was also afraid that Jacob would be angry, and she was a little embarrassed.

Jason said coolly at this time, “No one will say it.”

Zhang Ma took the key and opened the door to Faith.

Faith hugged her brother Derek and cried sadly, “Brother, I want Mommy.”

Jason said, “Don’t worry, Daddy will definitely catch Mommy back.”

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