Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 295

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Chapter 295

As soon as Jacob arrived at the gate of Huanya, Guan Xiao was already there respectfully, holding the folder in his hand and sweating on his forehead.

Jacob’s eyes swept over him, and Guan Xiao shuddered.

Jacob didn’t have a good temper, “What did you do wrong?”

Guan Xiao said tremblingly, “President, this time… it’s not that I am wrong, but… you… are wrong.”

Jacob was startled slightly, his eyes fell on the pink folder in his arms, Ying pupil shrank, “What is this?”

“President, this is Faith’s genetic test report.” Guan Xiao said.

As Jacob strode to his office, he ordered Guan Xiao, “Didn’t I let you draw her genetic genealogy? It came out so soon?”

Guan Xiao laughed more ugly than crying, “President, I took a shortcut.”

If the president knows that he has stolen the Zhanjia genealogy table, his expression should be more colorful and beautiful than a rainbow.

“Read it to me.” Jacob said.

Guan Xiao looked around, it was the peak period of work. The employees shuttled around them non-stop, and Guan Xiao had to suggest: “President, it’s not convenient here.”

Jacob glared at him, always feeling that a big man should be open and frank in doing things, hiding his wife.

When he arrived at the presidential elevator, Guan Xiao pressed the floor. After entering the elevator, Guan Xiao touched his chest and exhaled heavily.

“Back!” Jacob stood tall and upright like a Zhilan Yushu, looking ahead, his posture was elegant and good, and his aura was invincible like a king.

Guan Xiao timidly solicited Jacob’s opinion: “President, do you want to listen to the genealogical order of “from old to young” or “from young to old” first?”

Jacob glanced at him speechlessly, and said impatiently, “Whatever.”

Guan Xiao opened the folder, drew out a piece of A4 paper, and began to read in a straightforward tone:

“The first generation can be tested: male: Zhan Erdan; wife: Chen Shufen…”

Jacob couldn’t help but complain: “The soil is dead.”

Guan Xiao dumbfounded: President, this is the name of your ancestors.

Tucao your deceased ancestors, aren’t you afraid that they will come to you at night?

“Carry on.”

“The second generation: Zhan Yi Dynasty, wife Huangyou!”

“The third generation: Zhan Tianjun, wife Zuo Ying!”

“Fourth Generation……”

Jacob interrupted him, “Generation single pass?”

Guan Xiao shook his head, “No, President, since the past four generations have begun to spread their branches and leaves, the family is huge.”

“Oh, then from the fourth generation—start—”

Guan Xiao looked at the fourth generation of the family tree with the name of the Zhan Family Patriarch: Zhan Tinghai, and his heart trembled.

“President, I dare not read it.”

“Read.” The president is in a captivating manner.

Guan Xiao hesitated, “Yes, Zhan… Zhan… Ting… Hai.”

Jacob glared at Guan Xiao, and Guan Xiao quickly begged for mercy, “President, you let me read it.”

Jacob said angrily, “Where did you get this Zhan family tree? I want Faith’s genealogy.”

Raising his hand, he shot Guan Xiao on the back of his head, “What’s the matter?”

Guan Xiao was aggrieved, “President, I read Faith’s genealogy?”

Jacob’s anger slowly froze, his eyes fell on the folder, and he snatched the genealogy over and carefully reviewed it.

Sure enough, Faith’s father column showed his name, and his mother showed Grace’s name. Seamlessly connect with Zhan family tree.

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