Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 296

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Chapter 296

Jacob picked up the folder and went to Guan Xiao, “Do you dare to take this shortcut? Bastard, you dare to fool me?”

Guan Xiao hugged his head and squatted in the corner of the elevator, looking at the president pitifully, “President, I am more wronged than Dou E. This genealogy is absolutely true. If you don’t believe me, look at Faith’s genetic test report.”

When Jacob saw that Guan Xiao was still on the verge of death, he also realized that things were strange.

Throwing the folder to Guan Xiao violently, “find it out.”

Guan Xiao stood up, pulled out Faith’s genetic test report and handed it to Jacob.

The elevator door suddenly opened at this moment, and Jacob walked to the office with Faith’s inspection report.

Along the way, Guan Xiao slandered: If the president learns that Faith is his biological daughter, he will definitely regret his previous behavior of “abusing” Faith!

Jacob entered the office, took off his coat, and then sat on his leather black revolving chair, slowly studying Faith’s genetic test report.

The genes are perfect, with almost no defects.

Jacob said sourly, “This little bun has good genes!”

It is inevitable for ordinary people to carry such and other recessive low-quality genes.

Guan Xiao’s mouth was stunned into a standard circle, “President, you should feel that Sansheng is lucky.”

Jacob raised his eyes and stared at him, “Is that little thing good, what’s the matter with me?”

“You will care, President.”

Guan Xiao just waited to see him being beaten in the face.

Sure enough, Jacob turned to the last page, and the testing center found Faith’s relatives through genetic comparison. Only seeing the other genetic reports made Jacob completely dumbfounded.

Report conclusion: Jason’s genetic test report was found in the gene bank, similar to Faith’s 99.5 percent.

The similarity with him is as high as 99.9%.

The last row is covered with a bright red seal: The parent-child relationship is established!

Jacob’s breathing began to be difficult, and he said in disbelief, “Faith is my daughter?”

Guan Xiao nodded and bowed to the side, “Congratulations to the president, for the honorable lady.”

Jacob slumped on the chair, his evil eyes looking at the white ceiling. Every cell in the body was clamoring, an indescribable feeling, like a surprise, but also like guilt sprinting in the limbs.

“Faith is my daughter.” He muttered repeatedly.

Guan Xiao was stunned. Is the president happy and stupid, or something?

“Guan Xiao, is this genetic test reliable?” Jacob asked incredulously.

Guan Xiao asked the truth from facts, “President, let’s tell you that after I got this report, I also suspected that this matter is important, so I found Faith’s birth hospital overnight and inquired about Faith’s birth.”

Jacob straightened up, folded his hands on the table, and stared at Guan Xiao with piercing eyes, waiting for the next step.

“The doctor said that five and a half years ago, there was indeed a pregnant woman who gave birth to three children in their hospital. In order to conceal the facts, the mother also asked the hospital to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

“The time when the mother gave birth to the child coincides with the birthday of the young master.”

When Guan Xiao said this, in a word, “President, Miss Luo added three treasures to the battle family back then!”

One child three treasures!

Jacob was both shocked and pleasantly surprised, but more heartache.

At that time, Irene was pregnant with three children alone, and under such difficult conditions, she had to avoid her pursuit. How did she survive those difficult years?

She had never asked him or the warrior.

This affectionate, he has nothing to pay for in this life.

Jacob stood up unsteadily, and walked slowly outside.

“President, where are you going?”

“Come back home.”

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