Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 297

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Chapter 297

A Rolls-Royce, madly galloping on the circular route from the city to the suburbs.

In the driver’s seat, a noble and arrogant man has perfect sculptural lines and a dark atmosphere that people dare not approach.

When Rolls-Royce turned into the turntable and cut into the oil-parking road leading to the Calendar Garden, from afar, Jacob saw a few small heads on the open-air balcony popping up from the white marble railings. .

Seeing him, several small figures ran away immediately.

“Daddy is back. Faith, go in.”

Faith stuffed the Dove chocolate in her hand into Jason’s hand, and then ran into the small black room.

Zhang Ma quickly locked the door.

When Jacob entered the room, she saw Zhang Ma sitting on the sofa with Jasonanbao posing for a photo, and unfinished Lego puzzles piled on the coffee table.

“Daddy, why did you come back so soon?” Derek put down the Lego in his hand, and ran up to Jacob to show his courtesy.

“Daddy, did you forget to bring something? I’ll get it for you?”

Jacob glanced at the ear chamber on the second floor, because the ear chamber was a structural room connecting two building blocks. It was not only narrow but also lacking in light.

He shut Faith inside in the morning, and now his intestines are blue with regret.

Knowing that Faith is his precious daughter a long time ago, how could he be so hard-hearted towards Faith?

Jacob started and walked upstairs. Derek and Jason looked at Daddy in fear, fearing that Daddy would discover the secret of Faith coming out to play and eat with them.

As soon as Jacob walked to the L-shaped corridor on the second floor, a crisp sound came from the soles of his feet.

Derek and Faith, who followed closely, saw the biscuits stepped on by Daddy, and the two little ghosts were too guilty to look at Daddy.

“This is what I eat.” Jason said very loyally.

Jacob was slightly startled…

“When did you learn to eat desserts and snacks?”

Jason had a cool stern face, “I ate it anyway.”

Derek felt that Jason couldn’t deceive Daddy, so he stepped forward and said, “Daddy, I ate it.”

Jacob nodded, “Pick it up.”

There is absolutely no meaning to question the minor details.

Jason and Derek answered obediently, “Yes.”

Daddy is so cheating?

Jacob came to the ear room and opened the lock. Faith heard the sound of the door opening, and squatted in the corner with her hands on her knees, looking at Jacob pitifully.

The dim light reflected Faith’s delicate jade face. Jacob walked over, squatted in front of her, and looked at her quietly.

Until now, he felt a little dazed.

Faith turned out to be his daughter?

God, what did he do to her before?

“Are you hungry?” he asked softly.

Trying to reach out to touch her soft black hair, Faith instinctively dodges.

Jacob’s hands were stuck in the air, and he retracted angrily.

He probably needs a long time to repair his father-daughter relationship with Faith.

“Uncle Zhan, if I’m good and don’t cry or make trouble, can you help me find Mommy?” She asked pitifully with her moist eyes.

Jacob was terrified. Faith was obviously his daughter, but Irene asked her to call him uncle?

Faith probably doesn’t know that he is her father?

“Don’t worry, I will definitely get Mommy back.” Jacob realized that the child had lost the sense of security that Mommy lacked, so he followed her heart to comfort her.

“Uncle Zhan, can you stop scolding Mommy, and don’t beat her. I will tell Mommy to keep her from angering you in the future?” Faith said.

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