Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 298

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Chapter 298

A cloud of water mist floated in Jacob’s eyes, and he was so touched by the child’s exquisite heart.

“Uncle will not beat her, nor will he scold her. Uncle loves her.” He said.

The tears in Faith’s eyes rolled down, and she said very sadly, “You lie.”

Jacob: “…”

“Since Mommy returned to China, you often made her cry. Mommy always cries at night…”

Jacob: “…”

“You are a bad person.”

Jacob: “…”

Faith’s words made him feel heavy for no reason. It seems that he still knows too little about the suffering in Irene’s heart.

Jacob picked up Faith, went to the first floor, and told Mother Zhang, “Mother Zhang, make something delicious for the child.”

“Well, good.” Madam Zhang answered cheerfully.

She knew that the young master was a tofu heart with a knife mouth.

Jacob put Faith down. Faith sat on the small sofa with her cheeks in her hands, tears in her eyes, and looked at him cutely.

“What are you looking at me?” Jacob asked curiously.

“Are you going to send me away?” Faith asked pitifully.

Jacob was shocked. How can his daughter of Jacob be sent out?

Faith said, “You are so kind to me all of a sudden, it must be the weasel giving a New Year greeting to the rooster, uneasy and kind. You gave me the last meal, just like the last supper of Jesus. After eating, it’s time to separate, right? ?”

Derek came over and held Faith’s hand tightly, with an expression that would rather die than separate from his sister.

For the first time, Jacob discovered that his family, Faith, turned out to be a sentimental master. This character really resembles Irene when he was a child!

“Don’t worry, I will raise you well.” Jacob patted her little cheek, distressed.

Faith is not rare that he raises her, and immediately expressed his opinion, “When Mommy comes back, you can stop raising me.”

Jacob: “…”

Long sigh, this boy has a rough personality, and he looks good at a base.

This girl is sentimental, what should he do with her?

Zhang Ma quickly brought many famous snacks, including Ye’erba, glutinous rice balls, sweet and sour chicken wings…

Faith’s eyes lit up and she reached out to take it, but she jumped from the heat.

“So hot, so hot.”

Her actions are very cute and cute. When Jacob saw her, he smiled.

Help her take out a chicken wing, blow it, and hand it to her.

Faith took it, and began to gnaw without image.

“Girls must be dignified.” Jason glanced at her and said in disgust, “Otherwise, I can’t get married when I grow up.”

Faith didn’t care, “Mommy said, whoever likes you, what you do is right. People who don’t like you, what you do is wrong. So just be yourself.”

Speaking of Grace, Jacob’s mood became very gloomy.

His people have been searching for her all over the city for so long, and there is no news yet.

Is this girl determined to leave him?

The days were so muddled, and for Jacob, living was like years.

And the only topic that can fill his time so that he has no time to miss Grace-is to calm the children’s emotions.

The longer Grace left, it was not only Faith that became more difficult to reassure, and even Derek began to make emotions.

Lian Zhansu lost a smile on his face. Sitting on the steps every day, looking into the distance quietly, he could not say a word all day.

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