Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 265

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Chapter 265

All the people in the lobby looked gloat. They seemed to have seen the sad ending of Dr. Zhou Xian!

At the same time!

In the senior nursing ward.

Zhou Xian had just checked in with his mother-in-law Cuiping, suddenly he heard loud noises coming from outside.


Zhou Xian got confused, and then quickly stopped a head nurse who was walking in a hurry, and then asked:

“Mrs. Li, what’s the matter?”

The head nurse obviously did not know about Zhou Xian and Shaun.

At this moment, she said to Zhou Xian excitedly:

“Doctor Zhou, don’t you know? The super VIP ward upstairs has just admitted the first patient. Now all of our head nurses are asked for duty there!”


This sentence shocked Zhou Xian and his family.

They know that the super VIP ward is the best in this hospital, luxurious and expensive.

Ordinary people, no matter how enormous the relations they have in the hospital they can’t afford to get it open for them.

But now, to see head Nurse Li who is going to the super VIP ward, Zhou Xian became more curious.

The mother-in-law Cuiping and his wife Shen Ling also got confused. They wanted to know who is that guy who has such relations with the hospital who can make it to open the ward.

“He is the boss of our hospital-Lin!” Head Nurse Li smiled slightly, with a look of reverence on her face:

“This time Mr. Lin’s mother-in-law is here to be hospitalized, and the dean, deputy dean, and several chief physicians are all there to greet them!”

“Hey… I just didn’t expect that Mr. Lin would be so young, he is in his early twenties! If I were ten years younger, I would have definitely chased him! He is awesome!”


These names shocked Zhou Xian.

He had heard that the owner of this hospital is Mr. Lin, and he had heard that he is a big figure with a mysterious and terrifying identity.

Even the dean and the deputy dean worship him.

Zhou Xian never thought that it was the boss’ mother-in-law who was admitted to the hospital.


A strong expression of excitement appeared on Zhou Xian’s face. He turned to his mother-in-law Cuiping and his wife Shen Ling and said:

“Mom! The boss of our hospital is here, I have to meet him!”

Zhou Xian is the youngest chief physician in this hospital.

Bright future!

If he can get the respect of Mr. Lin, then he will surely become more successful in the future.

Hearing this!

Mother-in-law Cuiping and wife Shen Ling also got happy and asked him to go:

“Go ahead! Be sure to perform well in front of your boss!”

“Yeah, Mr. Lin is a big man, you have to be very confident when you speak and act!”

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