Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 264

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Chapter 264

The people around had a lot of questions in their minds.


A more shocking scene happened.

They saw that the hospital staff hurriedly walked towards Shaun.

Especially when they came to Shaun!

Under the incredible sight of everyone!

They all bowed, their voices loud and excited:

“Welcome, Mr. Lin!!!”

When this sentence resounded in the hospital lobby, all the people around were struck by lightning and could hardly believe their ears.


Everyone looked at Shaun’s shabby clothes and at the hospital bosses who bowed to salute, everyone was completely stunned.

Not only them!

At this moment, even Paula also trembled fiercely.

Looking at Shaun, like she had seen a ghost.

“Shaun, is this hospital really yours?”

Paula’s voice was trembling.

After all, the visual impact of the scene before her was too strong.

And Shaun smiled slightly, shook his head, and said:


“To be precise, It belongs to Elvira and me!”

Did it turn out to be true?

When Shaun confessed personally, Paula next to him still felt like a dream, unbelievable.

This is the most popular Chinese and Western hospital in Jiang City.

Countless people in Jiangshi wants to come to the medical sanctuary for healing, but now, it turned out to be their own hospital.

This made Paula’s mood, almost mixed.

More than her!

All the people around looked at Shaun, splashing with hot and shocking luster.

As if looking at an idol.

They finally understood what Shaun said to Zhou Xian before.

“It has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with my assets!”

It turned out that this place is his asset.

“Mr. Lin, please! We have prepared a super VIP nursing ward for you” Gao Zhiyuan greeted Shaun and Paula.

Super VIP ward!

There is only one in the entire Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital!

The basic daily cost is tens of thousands of dollars for general people who use this ward.

At the moment, these doctors took Shaun and Paula towards the upper floors.

Until they left!

The people in the lobby were full of excitement and shock.

“Oh my god, he is the real boss!”

“Yes, this is obviously his own private hospital, but still he took the initiative to wait in line for registration! This kind of character is really admirable!”

“It’s ridiculous that Dr. Zhou is so complacent and arrogant! There will be a good show to watch!”

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