Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 263

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Chapter 263

Zhou Xian’s words were extremely arrogant.

And this sentence made Shaun amused.

He looked directly at Zhou Xian, smiling playfully and sternly:

“It has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with my assets!”

“I can tell you that, you are fired! And also other Jiang City’s hospital will never hire you!”


Shaun’s words left Zhou Xian’s family in a daze.



Zhou Xian’s family burst into laughter as if they heard the funniest joke.

Zhou Xian even clutched his stomach, leaned forward and closed with a smile, pointing to Shaun and said:

“Hahaha… fire me? It’s up to you! You laughed at me, hahaha…”

And the second aunt Cuiping and Shen Ling next to him looked at Shaun as if he is idiots.


Zhou Xian is one of the main doctors in this hospital!

Except for the dean and a few people, no one can fire him!

“Husband, we don’t have to talk to these inferior people! Let’s go, we are getting late!” At this moment, Shen Ling was too lazy to talk to Shaun, and immediately took Zhou Xian and second aunt Cuiping and walked into the hospital. come on.

Seeing this scene!

Other people around there who were witnessing the scene, also pointed to Shaun and Paula and started talking.

“Did you hear that? This guy is so embarrassed that he said to fire Doctor Zhou!”

“Yes, Dr. Zhou is a chief physician at a young age. He has a promising future. What kind of guy is this who can order like this!”

“Hey… that Doctor Zhou is a well-reputed person, I am afraid that he will report to the administration against this shabby guy!”


The people around looked at Shaun and Paula, shaking their heads repeatedly.


Da da da!

At this moment, the sound of rapid footsteps came from the stairs.

Then, in the horrified sight of everyone around, They saw a foreign doctor and an old Chinese medicine doctor with a team of other doctors who came down quickly.

There were ecstasy and excitement on their faces.

As if they are here to meet a big man.

All the people around there got stunned.

They recognized Mike and Gao Zhiyuan, the dean of the Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital.

And behind them, all the medical staff is the main doctors of this hospital.

Everyone couldn’t imagine what kind of person they are going to meet.

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