Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 261

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Chapter 261

“This dress, I’m afraid it is more than ten years old! Still, waiting for a number? It seems that people like you can only wait in line pitifully!”


Shen Ling’s words were harsher than her mother’s.

And this sentence made the expressions of Paula and Shaun more gloomy.

Shaun stared directly at Shen Ling, a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“So, you don’t have to register in line?”

“of course!”

Shen Ling raised her chin proudly as if she was superior:

“I’m telling you, my husband is the chief physician of this hospital! I don’t know how many people ask him for medical treatment every day!”

Shen Ling smiled playfully:

“Of course, if you kneel down and beg me, maybe I can take you indirectly. After all, otherwise, it will take you more than five hours to get treatment!”

Kneel down and beg?

This sentence made the smile at the corner of Shaun’s mouth icier.

It’s more than that!

Cuiping, the second aunt next to her, seemed to have thought of something, and said sarcastically to Paula:

“Oh! The second sister, I forgot to tell you. At the last banquet, your family really shocked us, thinking that you really have something to do with the mysterious Mr. Lin and the provincial number one!”

“As a result, it turns out that there is nothing to do with half a dime! Hahaha…”

After the last banquet!

The Shen family was almost scared to pee.

After all, the provincial No. 1 accompany Baishan to drink, and even more talked about the mysterious big man Mr. Lin, mentioned Baishan.

After the banquet, the Shen family had been in panic all day long, thinking that a disaster has happened.

But who thought, after their investigation, it was discovered that Provincial No.1 and others had left Jiang City!

Since then, there is no intersection with the Baishan family.

Until then!

They were convinced that Mr. Lin, the mysterious big man, mentioning Baishan was just a coincidence, nothing more.

Obviously, the Shen family once again ignored the Baishan family.

Because of that shock, we were more hospitable to your family.

But she didn’t know!

The person who talked to her face to face was the one who let the Shen family’s soul fly away… Mr. Lin!

“Second sister! I advise your family to be more careful in the future!”

“Don’t use that Mr. Lin and Provincial No. 1 to slap a tiger’s skin. How can he be a small person like you?”

“If one day, it reached the ears of that big boss, I am afraid that your family will face a disaster!”

At this moment, the sarcasm on the face of the second aunt became more and more intense.

And her words made Paula’s face even bluer.

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