Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 292

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Chapter 292

Grace heard that, “Intimate photos? Hot search?”

“The old lady meant that you came from a humble background and had a complicated marriage history. You weren’t worthy of my family’s Jacob. But if Jacob chooses to remarry you for your children, you can get married in a low-key way. You don’t need to make a lot of noise.”

Grace’s face was green and white.

Although she didn’t like high-profile show of affection, but the Zhanjia despised her too obviously.

She also has dignity and pride, so she can’t be misunderstood and trampled.

Grace said, “Madam, as you said, I came from a humble background and my strength is small. So Madam should know that matters such as the hot search, marriage with the war master, wedding arrangements, etc. are not things I can control.”

“What do you mean? I heard you right, is it possible that my family Jacob forced you to marry him?” Madam stood up, disbelieving.

Grace nodded. “Exactly.”

The lady obviously didn’t believe it, and she sneered, “Absurd. My family Jacob forced you to marry her? Grace, you exalt yourself too much.”

The wife was full of contempt for Grace, “Hmph, if it weren’t because you were pregnant with his child by improper means, Jacob would marry you for the sake of the child. Do you think he will marry you sincerely? My family Jacob hates you to the extreme!”

Grace’s face was pale.

Originally she was also curious, why Jacob suddenly wanted to marry her, it turned out that all the petitions were for the children!

The wife took out a bank card. “The old lady said, if you can’t fix your showy problem, take the money and leave as soon as possible.”

Grace stood up, stared at his wife’s eyes, and said seriously. “Madam, I also know that a wealthy family like the Zhan Family is not something ordinary people can climb. I promised the Zhan Ye’s proposal, not because of the strong background of the Zhan Family, but just to give the child a healthy family. Since the Zhan Family did not accept me sincerely. , I won’t end this marriage.”

Grace took the card from his wife and said with a smile, “I think there must be a lot of money here, thank you!”

Since the Zhan family believes that she is a woman who climbs the dragon and attaches the phoenix, she confirms it to them.

A hint of sarcasm filled her eyes.

Grace looked at his wife, recalling the scenes of her spoiling herself before, Grace suddenly stepped forward and hugged her, “Auntie, take care.”

Then turn upstairs to pack things up.

The lady was stunned.

She was not friendly to Grace, and Grace and she were also regarded as needle-point to Maimang. She never thought that at the last moment, she would hug herself so intimately.

Not long after, Grace went downstairs with luggage.

Madam Zhang was very anxious, and tactfully persuaded his wife, “Madam, the young master really likes Miss Luo very much. If we let Miss Luo leave the calendar garden, the young master will definitely be angry when he will find out.”

The wife had an incredible expression, “Mother Zhang, let her go. How could Jacob be angry with me for her? I’m the f*ck!”

Grace smiled at Zhang Ma Yingying, “Mother Zhang, thank you for taking care of me during this time.”

Madam Zhang said, “Miss, do you want to wait for the young master to come back?”

Grace looked at his wife, her face sullen, and it seemed that she was unwilling to give her room for relaxation. She dragged her suitcase and left.

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