Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 291

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Chapter 291

Grace just took a nap, and the outside world became like a flying dog.

Hot searches on Weibo, today’s headlines, and headlines on major top-tier platforms all feature images of Jacob and Grace kissing passionately.

After seeing this hot search, Palmer, a young master of the Zhan family, immediately advertised the lace news. It didn’t take long for every elder in the tourmaline manor to learn about it.

The old lady of the Zhan Family Patriarch was very angry, “Although Na Grace is Jason Derek’s mother, but she was born humble, and has several marriage history. It is not a glorious thing for Jacob to find her. If it is for children to choose to remarry, Just do it in a low-key manner, why is there a lot of trouble in the city?”

Palmer is afraid that the world will not be chaotic, “Nowadays, women do everything to succeed in the upper ranks. Grace uses the hot search for upper ranks, which is the smartest way. At that time, using public opinion, he will force Jacob to marry her. ….. Jacob had to follow!”

The old man became even more sullen, “Is it the poor daughter of a small family, how can there be a lady like Nanning who is knowledgeable. Jacob’s vision of knowing women needs to be improved.”

Palmer touched his nose, “Dad, I have heard of one thing. In order to give Grace a head, Jacob almost slapped Bai Nanning on the face of the girl’s heart. You said that. He doesn’t know how to pity and cherish jade, even if you have the heart to put them together, will people still be willing to eat his turning back grass?”

“Is it true?” The old lady was furious and stamped her crutches on the ground bitterly.

Palmer said, “What do you cheat about. A few days ago, the Bai’s stock fell to the limit for three consecutive days. These are all the means for Jacob to retaliate against the Bai’s for the beauty.

The old lady was furious when she heard the words, “I thought he had a serious reason to attack his allies. I didn’t expect to do such a ridiculous thing for a woman. It really disappointed me.”

Palmer added fuel and jealousy, “Jacob has been passionate since he was a child. This way of loving beautiful people and not loving Jiangshan is his usual style. If Irene is still alive, he will also do it by giving the Zhan clan to the Yan clan as a bride price.”

The more he said the old lady became more angry, “I will never allow Jacob to be dazzled by love and do extremely stupid things.”

The old lady’s gaze turned to Dafang’s wife-Jacob’s mother. “You mother, you can’t just stand by when this happens. You tell Grace and warn her not to be too greedy. If you want to be the wife of the war family, you have to behave well and do things steadily. Those who show up and show up, take the money and leave as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Dad.” Jacob’s mother said courteously.

On Monday, Jacob was going to work at Media Asia, and by the way, he took his three children to the urban kindergarten.

Janice went to find her poems and the distance.

Only Zhang Ma and Grace remained in the calendar garden.

When Jacob’s mother came to the Calendar Garden, Grace was waking up.

Madam Zhang warmly entertained her, “Madam, it’s really unfortunate that the young master and the second young lady just left.”

“I’m looking for Grace, is she there?”

Mom Zhang nodded. “I will call her now.”

Zhang Ma came to the second floor with a staggering pace and woke Grace. Grace was wearing pajamas and ran downstairs with sleepy eyes.

Seeing Jacob’s mother, Grace’s sleepiness disappeared.

Looking down at her cartoon pajamas, a little embarrassed, “I’ll change my clothes.”

“No need, come and sit down.”

Grace sat on the sofa next to his mother and looked at her nervously.

“Grace, Ming people don’t talk secretly. I came to you today because the old lady was instructed. The close photos of you and Jacob were on hot search, and the old lady was very angry.”

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