Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 260

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Chapter 260

When Shaun and Paula entered the hospital, they saw rows of patients and their families lined up at the entrance of the hospital.

“There are so many people here! It seems that the doctors here are really capable!”

Paula praised again.

Shaun was not surprised.

After all, the dean of this hospital is a Western medicine madman Mike, and the deputy dean is the first Chinese medicine doctor Gao Zhiyuan!

With these two big names in the medical profession sitting in town, Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital will definitely get popularity.

“Mom, here to wait for me, I will go in and let the hospital leader come to receive you!”

Shaun said to Paula.

After hearing this, Paula laughed and scolded him:

“You brat, what’s going on today? Do you think of yourself as the owner of this hospital?”

“If you want not to waste time! then get in the line!”

Hearing this!

Shaun twitched the corners of his mouth, and didn’t say anything, he waited in the line for registration.

It’s just that Shaun just finished registering.

A voice full of sarcasm and contempt came over:

“Yeah! Isn’t this the son-in-law of the Bai family? Why? Are you still running errands? Huh! Elvira is now famous, but unfortunately, no matter how famous she is, her husband is just a waste!”


This sentence was extremely acrid, causing Shaun and Paula to frown in an instant.

They turned to look and suddenly saw a mother and daughter looking at them with sarcasm.

The older woman was the daughter-in-law of Paula’s brother Jian and the second aunt of Elvira and Shaun.

Before, at the engagement banquet held by the Shen family, it was this woman who arranged the Elvira family at the door and served some leftovers to humiliate them.

“Cuiping, this is too much! How can you talk like this!”

Paula’s expression turned gloomy on the spot.

After the last time!

All her good feelings for her maidens collapsed.

Especially her sister-in-law is disgusted to the extreme.

“Yeah! Aunt, what do you say, there is also the blood of our Shen family, how can we help an outsider to speak?” The young woman suddenly spoke.

She is not pretty much, she is just a good-looking woman, and her appearance is somewhat similar to that of her second aunt Cuiping.

In particular, the harshness and acrimony that appeared on her face were more like carved out of a mold.

She is the youngest daughter of Jian-Shen Ling!

She looked at Shaun, especially after seeing Shaun’s shabby clothes, she couldn’t help covering his nose.

“Tsk tusk… I have always heard that my cousin Elvira has married a waste, but I never thought he would be this worse!”

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