Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 259

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Chapter 259

“Mom, you have recently suffered from palpitations and panic due to poor blood flow! In this case, you only need to take a few cups of jasmine chrysanthemum tea every day that I made for you, then you will be fine in no time! Actually, there is no need to go to the hospital for examination!”

Shaun was helpless.

Recently, Paula’s body was weak and heart palpitations were flustered due to poor blood flow.

And this kind of small problem can be cured by taking jasmine chrysanthemum tea.

But Paula, she didn’t believe in this at all. She only thought that there is a major problem with her, so she asked Shaun to take her to the hospital for an examination.

“You stinky boy, how do you know how to cure illness like this, how do you know that I am suffering from blood circulating issue!” Paula looked at her son-in-law and became angry.

Isn’t it just for her?

It’s not good for this stinky boy to pretend to be a genius doctor.

“Okay! Do whatever you want!”

Shaun was depressed, so he headed straight to the hospital with Paula.

Just after leaving, Paula said:

“This time, we are not going to the First People’s Hospital! I have heard that there is a new hospital opened in our Jiang City called Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital!”

“The doctors in this hospital are all top class! Many people have been cured in it!”

Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital!

Hearing this name, Shaun’s mouth twitched slightly.

As he remembered, a few days ago, Western medicine Mike and Chinese medicine doctor Gao Zhiyuan jointly found it and asked him to sign a contract.

And that contract is for consent to use Shaun’s treatment methods in Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital.

In other words!

That Shaun’s hospital.

“Okay! It just so happens that I am going to inspect my hospital!”

Shaun said with a smile.

Just hearing this, Paula got shocked:

“You brat, you are getting mindless with time! How is your hospital? It sounds like you are the owner of this hospital!”

Paula smiled and cursed.

However, her attitude towards Shaun now became more amiable.

In her mind, her son-in-law has no any ability.

When Shaun saw that Paula didn’t believe it, he just smiled without explaining.

Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital are located in the center of Jiangshi.

It was used to be an old hospital, but after the top medical staff left, the hospital became dilapidated. It was finally bought by Western medicine madman Mike, renovated it and formed a medical team of top experts to run it.

After the hospital was officially opened, it caused a sensation in Jiang City in a short period.

A patient who has been treated for a long time is cured here, making Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital famous.

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