Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 300

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Chapter 300

Jacob’s mother was very angry with her son. “Grace is also true, why should she leave her own daughter to my family Jacob to take care of?”

After a pause, he said angrily, “Jacob is too caring about Faith? Isn’t it just a fever? How nervous is he driving so fast?”

Palmer said, “Sister-in-law, you don’t know that! Jacob likes Grace, so he treats Faith differently. This is called Aiwu and Wu.”

Media Asia Hospital.

Jacob took Faith to the emergency room, and the doctor on duty saw the president approaching and stared at Tongzi in disbelief.

Is this really their president who always rejects others thousands of miles away?

It turns out that he would also hold the baby for treatment?

Such a down-to-earth president is so unreal!

“What are you looking at? Check it out quickly.”

“Yes, President.”

The doctor examined the child’s throat, auscultated the heart and lungs, and then calmly looked at the nervous president. “President, the child’s tonsils are inflamed.”

Jacob sighed heavily.

The doctor added, “The child’s tonsils are swollen and need anti-inflammatory. If the course of antibiotics is not enough, the child will often get inflammation.”

“Call and call all experts in the respiratory department for consultation immediately.”

Doctor: “…”

President, it’s really unnecessary!

This is just a pediatrics in the medical world!

However, Jacob was reluctant to let his baby daughter be destroyed by antibiotics.

When the doctors rushed to the hospital in a hurry, they learned that the symptom they needed to deal with was nothing but pediatric tonsillitis, and their eyes were straight…

It’s hard to believe that the president would make such a naive and shocking behavior.

“President, children with tonsillitis, also known as [Ru] moths in Chinese medicine, most of them are caused by viral infections and are self-limiting diseases. However, the course of the disease may be repeated high fever…” The experts try to show their expertise, In order to find a trace of pride.

“I know. I want you to use the method of strengthening the roots and cultivating your child’s fever to reduce the fever. I will immediately study the most effective massage method for me. And this method is only for my daughter.”

The experts woke up instantly from the doze, and one by one looked up at the president in amazement.

Did they hear that right, this little girl is the president’s daughter?

No wonder the president is so fussed!

Experts dare not care, “Yes, President, we will have a consultation with the child right away.”

Jacob paced back and forth in the hallway waiting for treatment, his nervousness overflowing his body.

One and a half hours later.

The doctor walked out sweating profusely and said, “President, the child’s fever has gone. The child has a damp-hot physique, and I am afraid that she will still cough for a while after the fever subsides. It is recommended to be hospitalized.”

Jacob nodded.

Doctor dumbfounded: President, I just said casually, not serious. The child does not need to be hospitalized at all.

Jacob said, “The tuina teacher stays behind 24 hours to check the child’s condition.”


When Jacob entered the ward, Faith had already opened her wide eyes, and humans and animals looked at Jacob harmlessly.

Sitting in front of her, Jacob reached out and put her wet hair behind her ears, “Is it still uncomfortable?”

Faith shook her head, looking very strong.

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