Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

When the doctor came in, Faith saw the cart and stretched out her arm consciously. Rolled up her sleeves and shouted sweetly, “Doctor Aunt, do I need to draw blood?”

Jacob lowered her sleeves and explained to her very gently, “You don’t need to check the blood. We use green therapy this time. You only need to cooperate with the aunt to do massage.”

Faith was a little puzzled, “Don’t you need to take medicine?”

“No need to.”

“Uncle Zhan, don’t you want to spend money on me, so you don’t let me get injections and medicine? Will I die?” Faith asked innocently.

Jacob: “…”

The doctor’s aunt couldn’t help but chuckle, “Faith, massage treatment is more expensive than injections and medicine.”

Faith misunderstood Jacob, a little ashamed, “I’m sorry, Uncle Zhan.”

Jacob was dumb.

What he can say, today’s results are all caused by his own death. In the past, he always treated Faith badly, indifferently and ruthlessly, so that Faith would demonize him.

The next day.

The headline “The President of Media Asia held his child in the middle of the night and drove with one hand, causing a rear-end collision” again.

The old man saw the recent hot search information, almost all of them were dominated by his good grandson, and was furious.

“Jacob has always been very careful in doing things, but recently he has frequently been on the hot search. This is clearly someone deliberately doing it. Where is Jacob? Give him a call and ask him to be more careful in the near future.”

Palmer had just returned from the outside to deal with Jacob’s rear-end collision. He collapsed on the sofa with exhaustion, and said weakly, “Dad, anyone with a discerning eye can see that these two hot searches are either related to Grace or her. His daughter is related. Do you still need to investigate the manipulator behind this? In my opinion, it must be Jacob, who was secretly photographed by Grace to buy the dog team for the upper position.”

The old man said in deep thought, “Jacob has always been wise and deep in the city, so he will not be calculated by a country girl.”

Palmer sat up and said, “Dad, you underestimate Grace. If Grace was really a crude and ignorant country girl, how could she be pregnant with Jacob’s child six years ago, and still Fleeing from Jacob’s Five Finger Mountain while pregnant?”

Palmer reminded everyone in the room that Grace was indeed not easy.

Jacob’s mother is not very worried, “Is it possible that Grace was driven out of the calendar garden by me and was thinking of revenge?”

The old lady said, “Immediately send someone to follow up and investigate Grace. We must not let Jacob’s fame and reputation be destroyed in her hands.”

“Yes.” Palmer said.

Uneasy thinking about it, the old lady stood up tremblingly and said, “I have to go to Media Asia and have a good chat with Jacob.”

Palmer hurriedly stopped and said, “Dad, you are inconvenient, and you want to see Jacob call him to come over.”

After talking about Palmer, he called Jacob. After the call was connected, Palmer sneered and said, “Jacob, you have dominated the hot search list recently, and will you leave a way for those little fresh meats? What?”

“You have something to say well.” Jacob said coldly.

“Where are you? The old man missed you. Are you coming back quickly?” Palmer said with an unruly expression.

Jacob hesitated for a moment, and said, “Tell the old man that Faith is in the hospital and I can’t move away temporarily. After Faith is discharged from the hospital, I will return to tourmaline to visit him.”

Palmer said in disbelief, “No, Jacob, you don’t even listen to Grandpa’s words for Grace’s daughter? You are the reborn King Zhou You, faint and innocent.”

“Get out.” Jacob hung up angrily.

Palmer relayed Jacob’s words to the old lady, “Dad, Jacob is not coming back, and he will accompany his baby stepdaughter in the hospital.”

The old man took the case and stood up, “If he doesn’t come back, then I’ll go find him, can I?”

The grandfather’s anger caused all the children and grandchildren under his knees to panic. One by one was busy arranging the travel of the old lady.

Soon, the VIP ward of Media Asia Hospital was crowded. The corridor was jammed, but it was still in order.

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