Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 268

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Chapter 268

Hearing this!

Gao Zhiyuan’s expression seemed a little weird.

He referred to Zhou Xian as an idiot:

“To tell you the truth, the order to fire you is issued by Mr. Lin himself!”


As soon as he said this, not only Zhou Xian was shocked, but also all the medical staff nearby were in an uproar.

They all know that Lin Dong is a big man and his presence in the hospital has shuttered both Dean Mike and Vice Dean Gao Zhiyuan.

A ban on this kind of character was personally ordered!

This is simply unimaginable.

“I understand…”

Zhou Xian’s whole body shrove, as if all his strength had been taken away, he was completely desperate.

However, in this despair, with a deep resentment:

“It turns out that this bastard Shaun didn’t tell you the secrets, but directly found Mr. Lin and personally informed him!”

“This despicable villain, Zhou Xian and he are at odds!”


Zhou Xian knew that he would continue to stay here, but it was just a mockery.

After all, he can’t afford to meet a person like Mr. Lin.

Can only turn around and leave.

But he didn’t know!

Looking at his back, Gao Zhiyuan said he is an idiot.

This guy has a lot of imagination, but his idiots are that he might not have thought that the Shaun he resented was what scared him…Mr. Lin!

Advanced nursing ward!

Mother-in-law Cuiping was talking happily with her daughter.

“Shen Ling, your life is really good! This child Zhou Xian, at a young age, became the chief physician of this amazing hospital. He has a promising future!”

“Furthermore, their boss is here today. If Zhou Xian performed well, he might become one of the candidates for the dean in the future!”

Mother-in-law Cuiping was so excited at this moment that she couldn’t hear her.


She covered her mouth and smiled:

“Thinking about it, Paula and Shaun will be angry with us, She laughed! I really don’t have the ability to wait in lines! Hahaha…Who let Paula find such an incompetent waste son-in-law!”

When she thought of the way that Paula was ridiculed and hit by herself because of Shaun’s trash, she became happier.

Not only her!

Shen Ling next to her also said with contempt:

“That is! That Shaun is so useless, how can he be compared with our Zhou Xian!”

“Oh, I have to say, it’s really better than people, so annoying! Cousin Elvira is so beautiful, it’s a shame to find such trash!”

The mother and daughter, while mocking Shaun, while touting Zhou Xian, are in full swing!

Just at this moment!


The door of the ward kicked open.

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